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Re: Official "Terra Incognita" Update Thread

Terra Incognita: Episode I
Demo Incoming!

Okay, so I was going to make a tech-demo instead of releasing a demo of the actual game as you may or may not know. But, I realized that was way too much work and I decided to just release a demo.

But, I have a question regarding storyline spoilers...

I have three ways I can do the demo, none of which require more or less work than the others. These are the following choices I can offer, just post what you'd rather play! (Even if you don't plan to play it, just write something anyway... It'll take ten seconds tops to do so.)

Choice A:
This build of the demo would contain little to no parts of the story itself, and would just be focused solely on the exploration, puzzle and battle elements with some sidequests/mini-games as an extra possibility.

Choice B:
This build would be more focused on gameplay as a whole, and would include all storyline aspects and events, including karma choices, multiple storylines
and branching dialogue trees.

Choice C:
This build is basically a combination of the first two - when you start the demo, you're given the choice on which demo you'd like to play. You can play through the gameplay elements with no plot spoilers, or the full demo with all story points intact.

Please Vote! (Also, still need QA's!) aka Quality Assurance testers.

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