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Absolute Garbage: The Second

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  • Absolute Garbage: The Second

    We've had three contests since the big move in '05, and it seems the one people had the most fun with was the Absolute Garbage contest. Everyone who entered had a ton of fun with that. but the turnout was a bit limited due to it only being for RPG Maker 3, which was pretty damn new at the time. So we're bringing it back with far fewer restrictions. So say hello to Absolute Garbage: The Second.

    For this contest, you may use RPG Maker 1, 2, or 3. You simply have to make a bad game, and have a lot of fun doing it. if you want the game to be so badly programmed that it's unplayable, thats fine. If you want a perfectly playable game that's just as stupid as you can make it, thats fine too. If you just want to make the biggest disaster to ever appear on an RPG Maker, go for it.

    Each person can enter up to three games, as long as none of them are a game already on this site.

    You have until July 4th to make your masterpieces.

    Submissions will be handled via PM/e-mail, so entrants cannot see each other's games. When your game is done, PM me to get the e-mail address to send it to. I'd post it publicly, but I don't want spam-bots flooding the inbox.

    Playstation 3 entries are allowed, and when the contest ends they will be converted into dex drive or max drive files for everyone to download.

    If you have any questions, ask in this topic until the contest forum is ready.

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    Re: Absolute Garbage: The Second


    I'm Started!

    I made amazingly fast progress on this so far.

    I naturally made some crazy VFX and thought about posting a screenshot or two, but...

    Originally posted by Valkysas View Post
    Submissions will be handled via PM so no one can see the other people's entries.

    Does this mean you would prefer we not discuss our efforts for this contest at all outside of the PMS (private message system) or can I unveil some new creations?

    Ordinarily I'd not care, but being my first creative work in this area in a while, I wanted to post a few things.

    I read that the process would be explained elsewhere, and I looked in the contest forum, but found only this thread duplicating the first post in the main forum.

    So I posted here anyhow.




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      Re: Absolute Garbage: The Second

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