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Portal of Doom

Set in a land in which the Ato Empire and the Kingdom of Bordagon are teetering on the brink of war, the story follows a ragtag band of adventurers not associated with either side who find themselves getting pulled into the conflict.
The main characters include: Sarina, a short-tempered, greedy, fighter-mage who robs from the rich and gives to herself. Leon, a good natured sword for hire who has been having trouble finding work of late. Raedon, an elderly healer who is seeking revenge for the death of his granddaughter. And lastly is Darkside, the enigmatic Force of Nature who has recently found himself under constant assault.
The group stages a raid on a nearby fort, and the job seems to be going well until a mysterious portal opens in the sky above the fort. It quickly becomes apparent that the group that emerges from the portal is intent on ending all life in the world, and the weaponry they use far outmatches anything in the land. As the conflict between the Ato Empire and the Kingdom of Bordagon reaches a boiling point, both sides begin to realize they face a much greater threat from the group that has emerged from the portal...

This is an updated version, but not much has changed (just fixed a couple minor problems). Features of the game include:
* 30-35 hours of gameplay
* The game spans 6 memory cards, HOWEVER you really only need to have one chapter on a memory card at a time and another memory card to save your game on.
* Easy to Moderate enemies are faced in combat, with challenging bosses.
* A few unique minigames scattered across the world
* A few tricky puzzles, but nothing that would take more than 5 - 10 minutes to figure out.
* To learn the best magic spells you need to bring a Spellbook and Talismans to the magic shop. All spells require one Spellbook, but better spells can require up to 4 Talismans before you can learn them. Both are hidden throughout the world with Talismans being easier to find than Spellbooks. Hints to their locations can be found or purchased. There are exactly enough Spellbooks and Talismans in the game to learn every spell, so missing any of them will cause you to miss some of the better spells.
* Green fairies also hide in secluded locations. A green fairy will permanently increase all party members' maximum HP a little, which can add up to a significant amount by the end of the game if you find enough of them.
* There are four Drakkonite Spellbooks hidden in the world. These each contain a very powerful spell from ancient times, written in an ancient language whose meaning has been lost. If you can find any of these AND find a way to read them, you will be granted awesome new spells. No hints to their locations are given, so check anything that looks suspicious.
* There are five "Eye of Leviathan" items hidden in the game. If you find any two of these and use them at the Leviathan's Altar, which can be found in the later parts of the game, the Leviathan will appear to challenge you. If you can defeat this difficult boss, he will grant you a great ability. Again, no clues are given to their locations, so check anything that looks suspicious.
* There is a very challenging sidequest in the early parts of the game: The Cave of Trials features very tough enemies and very tricky puzzles, and it exits near the Hall of Wonders. Within the Hall of Wonders lives a very tough boss from another universe, but if you can defeat it, the treasures you find will allow you to breeze through almost the entire game.
* There is an (incomplete) strategy guide file in the folder with the game. As with most strategy guides, it contains tons of spoilers. I recommend not using it unless you're really stuck or until you've beaten the game (if you want to see where all the stuff you missed was). But if you like to ruin surprises for yourself then read away! (I will have another updated version of this once I finish the strategy guide file.)

That's it for my lengthy explanation. Download the game, play it, have fun.
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