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Wow, my 1st release in what, 5 years?

Recently, several dragons have been threatening the land...
Many adventurers have tried to defeat the dragons and failed.
Villa Maria Academy, a school for aspiring dragon warriors
has just opened... a call goes out across the land for
brave warriors. Marrakesh, a powerful warrior from a distant
land has enrolled in Villa Maria Academy hoping to be the
one to defeat the dragons.


Read books in the library, flirt or study with girls in the
bar, or take a class in the school, but remember, you can only
do one thing a day... so use your 15 days of training wisely,
and do not get caught out at night!

Random battles are mainly limited to one specific terrain
type or certain floors of dungeons, and can be increased/decreased
once you acquire your companion. No experience or gold from these
but good item drops.

Tough, epic, but well balanced dragon fights.

Secret areas to discover and explore, and items hidden in some very
unusual places.

Four sets of powerful weapons and accessories available if you can
obtain the essence needed to summon the respective guardian and
defeat it.

13 possible endings.

File is PS3 format, saved in slot 3.

On another note, I converted nearly every RPG Maker 3 game to PS3 format,
I'll be posting a mediafire link to the archive as soon as I finish building
the archive.
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