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Spirit Saga II: The Yamikon Chronicle

way back when the land was new, an army of settlers came in looking for a place to settle. they discovered eight tribes living on the land already, so they interacted. (the army was friendly, not bloodthirsty)

well, the army's leader learned that each tribe had a ceremonial amulet that was used to pray to the spirits. he then later learns that the tribes are satanic, and are planning to use the amulets to summon the three spirits of hell. upon learning this, the army is ordered to attack and destroy the tribes. the leader then takes the gems and tries to destroy them, but the magical barrier surrounding them is too strong.

so he does the next best thing. the takes the amulets and hides them in eight different caves, all in different regions. now, nobody knows about these gems, and even if they did, they'd have a hell of a time finding them. so the amulets are forgotten with time.

now, there is a large town on the land where the past stuff happened. you are a townsperson, and you have connections with the mayor. you are the person he has chosen to be his daughter's husband. however, today he summons you to ask for a favor.

he tells you the stories mentioned above, and also tells you that he thinks he has come up with a way to destroy these amulets. he asks that you go and retrieve the amulets from the caves, and in return he will pay you nicely, and offer his help.

you figure: "well, its not like i have anything better to do, i could use some extra cash, and this will make the mayor and the mayor's daughter like me even more, plus i'll be doing the world a favor. why not?" so you head to the first region...

this game is focused on gameplay and features, and as a result lacks a bit in story. oh well. the features of the demo are:

Default RPGM2 Menu System and a Custom Menu System as well (unfinished)
Custom Clock System
Minigames (currently two)
Orb system (bonus items for unlockables)
Extras throughout town (townspeople with different dialogue depending on time of day, alchemist for weapon upgrades, a few custom tunes, etc)

have fun.
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His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead.

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