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Videogamedrome Demo The Second

I uploaded a new demo tonight. I am tired and it will not be available imediately, so I'll post all the added nifty bits later.

I created a new topic here because it was the only project posted in the Group Projects section and the Group Projects have been temporarily cancelled due to lack of interest.

Meanwhile here are the important bits from that thread:

First the important stuff:

This is announcing a demo submitted to the Pavilion for it's Group Project #1. Just uploaded a few minutes prior to this post, it may take a day to get through their system. It is called Videogamedrome and is about what happens to one gamer when he finds out about proposition 7734 from Congress (for real arithmetical fun, plug 7734 in to your pocket calculator and turn it upside down) in which they intend a hostile takeover of the video game industry so they can regulate it's content and make everything nice and Republican.

The main character (named YOU) goes crazy and transforms into a sword. Then it's up to YOU to raid CNN Headquarters (that's the Castle News Network) to get a press pass so YOU can raid Congress (that's really Congress) and kill some law makers to stop this vote from happening.

I was unsure how to produce this for quite a while, then all at once, I had an inspiration.

This may seem crazy to those who know me, but they should know by now that I really am crazy (hey... I really did do a short stint in a looney bin when I was young), so this should be no huge surprise.

I just slapped together a combination custom battle system that uses a Modified Default Battle System with an Imitation Active Battle System idea. The idea came to me "in a flash" and I knew if I did not create it quickly, the idea would be gone. Artists know what I mean. It took just under 6 hours to get the battle system working. For pit nickers: check the enemy actions editor for "template" (the last entry) to see how I tried to do this through that method first, then proceeded to all VFX.

This whole demo was produced in a single weekend!

So I guess that means "Nya-Nya" to those who claim that it takes a year to produce anything on RPGM2. So what if I used mostly pre-set data (except for VFX), I think you will find it passable nonetheless. They did give us some interesting environments for "quickie" projects like this one. Use the map (in the bag) if you want to see a nifty preset map.

I just thought that people might enjoy seeing the weird battle system I came up with. Plus, it shows I'm serious about making the game. I think it is the first effort for the Group Projects anyhow. I managed to whip up a skeleton of the whole story, but it will be fleshed out tremendously before I'm done.

Some features include; A Visual Effect Player Character (Not an Avatar-Likeness) visible in Battle and interacts directly with enemies; a system that does not display HP, but rather your percent health (Not yet worked out); Interactive environments; a "Point Based" system where your "Score" determines which of several possible endings you will get, and the ability to change your character from the sword to the axe anywhere, anytime (this changes battle ability VFX as well as world VFX). Working on more "forms" for YOU.

So far I have the following features available to demo:

Smite: YOU's default battle attack and the [] button script.
Might: YOU's Special Battle Attacks
Stuff: So far YOU's items include a sharpening stone.
Change: YOU's appearance and stats will evolve in this way.

Out of battle interactions are activated by the Smite Button (square). There is a clown outside CNN in the demo on whom you can practice Smiting. Smiting Smitable things and people will give points and restore health. There is also a sheep in the yard outside the Castle News Network building. He is an example of a Not Smitable item. Smiting the sheep loses points and health.

The game ends when either points go to zero (from being too naughty and smiting the sheep repeatedly) (he's the only No Smite event in the demo) or if your health goes to zero.

The points were hijacked from the money so I can modify and display the new point value on screen easily. Sorry, no money or shops in this game.

I left the preset grammar alone because, being a life-long Vaughn Bode fan, I found it amusing to see things like "YOU starts to attack" and "YOU's veins flow with Poison!"... it's very reminiscent of Cheech Wizard. That, plus I wanted to finish quickly. This is strictly a one weekend project for now. If response is overwhelming I may finish this before The Quest, so if you like it, speak up!


Finally, The Nonsense:

This gives me a good excuse to ask for help from the people here who are more aware of the gaming community's feelings than I. You see, I need a few good names to use relative to the direction of the group project.

Which members of the media are most to blame for Valkysas even suggesting this?

I've got Joe Lieberman and Tipper Gore for the raid on Congress, but I plan on raiding CNN Headquarters (Castle News Network) and if the real CNN has any personalities who would be more appropriate than others, I'd like to know. I have boss fights with three major CNN personalities and a final boss fight with Joe Lieberman when you get to congress, but would welcome more names you'd like to see in the game.

I left the file open (no password) so I could request the following assistance with the Battle System:

After fights the character takes a moment longer than I like to appear. I had it running smoothly at one point, but when I introduced the second character VFX model, it slowed down. If anyone could find what's wrong I'd be grateful.

Meanwhile... Enjoy!

Off Topic: I have not given up on The Clean Underwear Quest! I just needed a break, and was debating starting over (it contains everything I have done with the system since day one, and is excessively buggy). I wanted to see what I could do starting with a "blank file" as a means of helping me decide, and this is what happened.

Oh yeah... the demo is in slot "8" of the RPGMemory system. Be sure to have that slot free on your card before downloading it.

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