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Legend of Zelda, Sword of Magic

Legend Of Zelda:
Sword of Magic is my first actual demo of what I can and cannot do, although many people have helped me out, so it doesn't count all the way.

Basic Functions:
O-hit for spin attack [hit square after hitting O]
X-Turn map on/off
[]-Action button, for now, swing sword
Select+[]~options menu
Start+[]~Status menu
Triangle/Square/Circle/Cross and R3 for notes, [Start] exits out.

There are some bugs in it, and when you FIRST recieve your sword, equip it, and hit [], you'll hear a attack sound, if you didn't, and attack a brush, the game will freeze up. Also, after the midboss is defeated, go in and out of the room twice, the chest will appear in the center of the room, and finally, after beating the deku tree, it will freeze on attemption of trying to get out.

*I am remaking this, so NONE of the intro/map of kokiri or dungeon will be the same. this is more like a....beta release if you will.

Discussion/criticism is welcome :)
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