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Duder and the Mage

Horrible teaser I wrote a while back:
Everyone who takes some hits off a joint expects reality to bend a little. But Duder and Jane had no idea just how much reality could change. After sharing a joint together, they suddenly find themselves held captive in a town run by evil frog mages. As they escape, they get help from other humans, who found themselves in the same drug-induced predicament, and they begin to learn magic. But, at the same time, they begin to learn that escaping from this trip will not be as easy as casting a few quick spells. At each turn, they find themselves face to face with new dilemmas testing them to the limits of their being. Will they turn against one another? Will they find a way back to earth? Is all of this just in their heads? From frog mages to zombie gorillas, from island escapades to desert treasure hunts, this game will have you hooked from the second you push start. There is no telling what to expect in this voyage of surrealistic fantasies gone wrong.

-A very enjoyable, quick-paced 3-4 hour adventure.
-No random battles; all battles are events (and there arenít too many in any place to bog down gameplay).
-Healthy battle pacing (in regards to both difficulty & leveling up)
-Humor and quirkiness throughout.
-Mature content in a very immature game.
-Correct grammar and spelling!

Author's Note:
I just got RPGM3 about two months ago, and made this adventure as quickly as possible to have it good for the contest. It is a linear journey, but it should be a very fun playing experience. I made it as an intro for myself, to learn about the software and about making RPGs in general. But, more so, I made it as a quick, enjoyable game to play with friends while drinking.
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