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Liquid Snake Simulation
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Liquid Snake Simulation is not popular today.
Zone of Silence

Author: Liquid Snake Simulation
Genre: Action (with some RPG elements)
In this game, you play as a character with a fairly common name, "Terry," but as this is his real name, the player can choose to rename him. However, "Terry" is his natural reference. You are a government agent on a routine assignment to investigate a dealing onboard a recently-built space station that is suspected to house a nuclear disaster device. You run into a few characters along the way, with mission control directing you every now and then. However, the story will tie in with Terry a lot more than what is expected of him, showing his purpose is much more involved than it was sought out to be.
*The game contains several locations, such as the space station and the moon, along with other locations that must be unlocked through gameplay.
*Lots of unlockables, including secrets that must be found and some that can be opened after beating the game a certain number of times.
*Uses the DBS and the default X menu, meaning nothing extraordinarily revolutionary was done, just a lot of interesting things.
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