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Light Warrior: Story Demo

Play through some of the story of Light Warrior and take a look at it's semi-Cel-Shading in it's pre form.

Warning!: Some of the content is not suited for those ages 17 and lower.

Demo Contains: Violence, Blood, Mild/Strong Language

Max Drive/AR MAX file:
Attached Files
File Type: zip Light Warrior-Story Demo Max Drive-AR MAX File.zip (545.4 KB, 953 views)
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Re: Light Warrior: Story Demo

Well Kumo Shinagi, I said I'd play last night and post today, and I did.

My review of Light Warrior:

Really well, the story was presented in a suspense/mysterious way to make the player want to know more *atleast it was for me*, the sfx of the walking away was excellent.

The house in the town was really cool, with the whole doorway and the fireplace. You are way better than me at object placement, but just one *intro/home town* building?!

Ok, the entering battle scenes are awesome! every battle I entered seemed new and entertaining. I liked the transition from "Battle!!!!" and "preemptetive" or whatever to "back attack" *my memory is bad, so forgive me if i mis spelled anything*. The Surge attack was also neat and nifty, but I thought it did waay to much damage. The music also helped the battles, I thought it was a cool choice :). Another plus was the battle quotes made by Yuji and the girl archer person. Although I thought there were alittle to much battles, but this was canceled out by the 100% flee, so that was ok.

World Map:
China is big. Everyone knows this, and making the chars. small helped show this. I thought that was good. Nothing else I can really say about the map.

I found a Kawa something coin, for what I don't know. I'm sure there is a purpose, I just don't know what. The Chi and Energy extract points, or whatever they are called, were cool. Some downfalls are there were some random capitalization of letters, like ex: "Hey, How...." the H for How shouldn't be capitalized *just a ex., I found some sentances that did something like this* and descipline is spelled discipline I believe. Just some grammatical errors (i can't do much better now lol).

I thouroughly enjoyed this game, and would like to see more, congrats :)
*I knew I beat it due to sending me to the title screen*
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