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Divided Infinity was written as a game script originally, which is what it was always meant to be. I started writing this story 5 months ago and finished recently, the story... is it's soul, I can promise everyone who plays it to experience and original story free of dragons and other common clichés.


2006, High school life... so many worries, girls, jobs, grades, reputation, bullies... Most people go to bed and wake up feeling like a new man. Sullan Miller goes to sleep and does wake up a new man... he awakens in a strange country on a bloody battlefield apparently in a Chemical War. Sullan hated wars, hated death, why... why was he a soldier murdering men?... unless he wasn't himself... unless it was just a bad dream that he would wake up again from, unless it was forced?... dead bodies all around... blood flows to your feet. The story begins...


Sullan Miller
The Lost Crow

Sullan is a 15 year old boy attending highschool with his friends, socially awkward with anyone but his three close friends, Sullan chooses to think rather then talk most of the time. He lives alone with his surgeon father who is usually never home. Sullan has strong views of anti-war and anti-murder almost unrealistic ones, he usually has his head in the clouds dreaming of new things.

Gerone Crator The Resolved Dragon

Gerone is a 16 year old student who is Sullan's best friend, Gerone lives alone because his only sister was killed in a robbery,
Gerone is loud, blunt, and obnoxious... opposites attract, this is just the case with Gerone and Sullan's friendship they share almost opposite views on life as a whole yet they still remain as close as possible...while Sullan is a bully magnet, Gerone is a bully...crusher....
So it works out.

Shella Sear The Blue Jay That Lost It's Wings

Shella is a 16 year old girl who works at a local Cafe full time with her younger brotherJohn, She does not attend school because she has to work full time to support John on her own, Shella knows quite well that she works her ass off so she's naturally a bit snobby,
when she wants something... she usually doesn't give up until she gets it, She has no particular world views of her own, she doesn't really care honestly. What she hates the most is being used or manipulated by people... when she is... she tends to respond violently.

Nima Longshore The Peaceful Deer

Nima, 15 year old girl that is friends with Sullan and Gerone, She is kind and happy, even in the toughest times she tries to just smile through it. She also believes that murder and war is wrong but is more realistic then Sullan and knows sometimes... it's required.
She loves normal things like karaoke, cooking, and babysitting, She shares a strong love for children and chosses to keep a childlike innocence most of the time, But Nima IS a teenager after all... prone to bad choices and mistakes... she has dated some... questionable guys.


The music in D.I. Is completely original with various vocal songs sung just for this game, features music by Diana Kantor, and SomeOneLikeMe. the non vocal music consists of soft piano for story scenes, and fast pased rock for battles.
While not music itself it is AUDIO so...
D.I. is completely voice acted, over seven hours of voice acting has been recorded for this project, all pro quality at that.
afer showing the script to some great freelance voice actors all of the people I scouted agreed to do it, some auditioned for the project.
expect a fully voiced storyline upon release.


The game is broken into Seven Chapters, none being a fixed legnth, I chose to end the chapter and key moments in the story rather then force chapters of fixed length, The story is the main aspect of this game and it will not be weak in the least,
You are able to make various choices that affect key points to the story, not VERY many, but enough, there are two separate ending chapters depending on your choices, EACH of the endings has it's out unique Epilogue mode, which has normal RPG gameplay and equal story development this section is roughly four hours long, so as a whole the game will have about 12 hours of gameplay.
Lots of love and care is being put into this project to make it shine, I believe RPG maker is just a program with bounderies that can be broken, it's just aa tool that can create greatness, that is my goal.


Here are a few screenshots of the game running.


Story by: Madurai

Music by: Diana Kantor & SomeOneLikeMe

Mapper: Akane Zwadski

Eventer: Madurai

Logo Artist: Gavin


Sullan Miller: Jake Caro

Shella Sear: Nikkikora

Gerone Crator: Druoxtheshredder

Nima Longshore: Emma Pennington




http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MFKYSARR (189mb VER.)



WARNING!!!! This game contains STRONG LANGUAGE.



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