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MegamanGX discontinued Pepsi BlueMegamanGX discontinued Pepsi Blue

MegamanGX(Chairmandrek) and NEGA present: MEGAMAN GX

The game is about a boy who gets involved in a terrifying event. New generation fusion technology is able to fuse the new GX Navis with Human DNA. Making new creations. One mysterious leader of an organization fused himself and has declared that this is a sign for a new race to emerge from the human one! Saying that all Navis and Humans are officially inferior to these new Humanoids and that all humans and Navis will be destroyed and be replaced for the new world!!! You must play as Terrance. An adventurous young boy and Megaman GX, a new generation of Navi to stop the evil that may happen. Use your items wisely, and think fast!

This game takes place several years after the events of Megaman battle network 6. Which a new world, a new cast and new surprises! As well as a few new challenges to keep you going!

-Use is a differnet battle system the the BN games!
-Enhanced graphics!
-Many plot twists to keep you going!
-Bug free!

Also downloadable is Megaman GX: EXCEL!

Excel has many features and plot edits (like grammar issues) That have been fixed from the original. But Excel has the vast improvements as while you play the game to certain points, more action and animation as well as great music will surround you all the way to an end. Excel also has things that the original didn't have and vice-veras, so play through both versions! This is also a pretty long game depending on your RPG playing skill. So try out Megaman GX:"EXCEL" and have fun!

Some extra features with EXCEL:
>Almost all the music in the game is from outside the RTP of VX. In nice stereo MP3 format without the Midis. Since in my opinion, Lots of MIDI files sound terrible.
>Some Graphic changes.
>Nice animations during the game at certain points.
>Smooth animation so walking around is a breeze.
>You won't have any problem telling if you can walk on a certain tile or not.
>Many different Chips (Basically Weapons) at your disposal.
>And much more!

Download Megaman GX: http://www.sendspace.com/file/exgfjk

Download Megaman GX: EXCEL: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zg8gfm

Enjoy! Megaman GX 2 coming soon, with longer gameplay, more characters, more problems, and a more violent enemies willing to do anything to revive an ancient power!

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