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Daniel's Quest III Review

Daniel's Quest III
Written by Ixzion
A gem for your RPG Maker 3 collection.

Developer: Pagerron
System: RM3
Genre: Fantasy
Released: Sep. 2008

Daniel's Quest III is a polished, traditional fantasy game that will leave you satisfied. The story of DQIII follows Daniel, the family man with a mission from the King of Nevernear to recover the Stone of Destiny, the artifact of the Lord of Truth. Stolen by a mysterious foe, Daniel must traverse the wide, open landscape of Nevernear, explore caves, and defeat numerous foes in order to regain the artifact and something even more precious...

In addition to exploration, Daniel will also meet a myriad of characters with diverse personalities, which are well-crafted by Pagerron. After a while, I felt like I knew each character in the game, which is rare for an RM game. The interactions with the townspeople through Daniel really made them seem more than stock characters.

That said, the game is not perfect. There are some small issues with the game that may hamper the enjoyment factor a bit. Overall, though, they don't stop the game from being a top-notch pick for your RM3 collection.

Presentation - 25/25%
Fantastic design. Pagerron really took the time to exploit almost every design trick he could in every location of the game. You can see details of areas that you can eventually travel to in the distance, as well. Every field is connected, making the world feel very connected, instead of separate fields. Stortellers are used well and there are special effects and sounds used everywhere. No one can say that the game is boring in this regard.

The game is polished very well in this area. I can't say anything bad about it.

Features - 20/25%
To workaround RM3's inherent shortcomings in movement, Page put objects called Quickstones and Rapidrocks. They act as warps to cut down considerably on the amount of travel that you must do on foot. The game also features limited battles, where enemies will only show up if you jump off of the main path, allowing you to fight when you want and travel without being accosted. These were very much appreciated during the playthrough.

As great as these are, they aren't especially exciting.

Debugging - 25/25%
Great job. After playing hours upon hours, I didn't find a single error.

Not a thing.

Fun - 22/25%
This was a very nice, solid outing. The battle system, once you started leveling up, became pretty nice. I actually wanted to see what was coming next in the story, which pushed me along when I got confused or lost, which brings me to....

Getting lost sucks in this game. One thing that this game was lacking was the ability of characters to remind you of the mission at hand. On several occasions, I watched a cutscene, forgot a detail, and wanted to go back, only to find the character who gave me the mission completely unhelpful. A reminder such as "Good luck finding my X" would have gone a long way.

Overall - 9.25/10 (92%)
To sum up Daniel's Quest III, I would say "a series of events that you may know, but you won't mind experiencing". The world of DQIII is a well-crafted, tight package. I will state here that there's a religious tone to to game, but don't worry, as it's not overt or bashed over the head. That said, the game looks great, plays great, and minus a nit or two, is a game I will recommend in the future.
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