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Evil Fantasy

Name of Game - Evil Fantasy
Name of Creator - Lausen
System - RPG Maker 3
Data Slot # - 3
Genre - Survival/Horror
Rating - Teen
Type - Full Game
Inspired by - Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 7

In the years after the meteor fall Shinra once again rose to power, but it didnít take long for the gruesome experiments to start again. November 3rd, 2018- The day that will go down in history as the start of the end. The day a virus broke out in the near by mountain community, Kalm. It hit the peaceful little town with a devastating blow crippling its very foundation. The T-Virus has ravaged the planet for the past 4 years. The few remaining survivors hide behind closed doors fearing the nightmare that is the T-Virus. Now Bryce Galion, former 1st class SOLDIER must find a way to cleanse the planet from an evil that threatens all humanity.

*Game Features*

- In game tutorial.
- NO random battles. All enemies can be seen and avoided.
- Custom battle system. Find and conserve ammo to survive the hoards of zombies.
- Find powerful Materia to help you complete your mission.
- Enemies have many drop items including the valued Gil.
- Use Gil to buy new guns, items, and upgrades from a traveling merchant.
- Many unique and innovative puzzles that push the limits of RPG Maker 3.
- See the world of Final Fantasy 7 in a whole new way.
- Explore 4 world maps with an eerie atmosphere befitting a zombie invasion.
- Strong character interactions, and cut scenes.
- Your actions at certain points of the game can affect the progress of the story.
- The return of old characters that can be recognized from both Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 7.
- Twists at every corner.
- 4-6 hours of game play.
- New Game+
- Hidden bosses and puzzles that unlock ultimate items that can be bought during the New Game+
Attached Files
File Type: zip Evil Fantasy.zip (229.1 KB, 990 views)
File Type: zip evilfantasyps3.zip (201.1 KB, 477 views)

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