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Series 168.43-In yr PS2, stealin' 7 hours of your life...

The Sloth Bear does not move as slowly as a sloth, and can easily outrun a human. One theory has it that early explorers saw these bears lying upside down in trees and gave them their common name for the similarity to the way a sloth hangs in trees. Another claims that the Sloth Bear gets its name because its normal walk is more of a meandering shuffle.

On September 29th, 2006, it was reported in the Associated Press that millions of anchovies, constituting a weight of over three tons, had beached themselves in northern Spain, near Colunga, Asturias. Tests on the dead fish did not detect any toxic chemical that could have caused the beaching, and the current working theory is that the school beached itself trying to escape from "hungry dolphins or tuna." If the beached specimens had grown to maturity, it would have been more than "100 tons of potential breeders."

Areas of study within glaciology include glacial history and the reconstruction of past glaciation patterns, effects of glaciers on climate and vice versa, the dynamics of ice movement, the contributions of glaciers to erosion and geomorphology, and lifeforms that live in the ice. A Glaciologist is a person who studies glaciers. Glaciology is one of the key areas of polar research.

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story is a 43 minute film regarding the life of pop vocalist Karen Carpenter. It was directed by Todd Haynes and released in 1987. It was withdrawn from circulation in 1990 after Haynes lost a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Karen's brother and musical collaborator, Richard Carpenter. The title of the film is derived from "Superstar," their 1971 hit song.
An unusual facet of the film was that, instead of actors, almost all parts were played by modified Barbie dolls. In particular, Haynes detailed Karen Carpenter's worsening anorexia by subtly whittling away at the face and arms of the "Karen" Barbie doll. Sets were created properly scaled to the dolls - including locales such as the Carpenter home in Downey, Karen's apartment in Century City, restaurants, recording studios - including minute details such as labels on wine bottles and Ex-Lax boxes. Interspersed with the story were documentary-style segments detailing the times in which Karen Carpenter lived and also detailing anorexia; these segments were seen as dry and melodramatic parodies of the documentary genre.

"If you get into these spaces [non-ordinary states of consciousness] at all, you must forget about them when you come back. You must forget you're omnipotent and omniscient and take the game seriously so you'll engage in sex, have children, and participate in the whole human scenario. When you come back from a deep tank session -- or a coma or psychosis -- there's always this extraterrestrial feeling. You have to read the directions in the glove compartment so you can run the human vehicle once more."

A Chicago-style hot dog is a steamed Vienna Beef or Dave Berg hot dog topped with sliced/diced/wedged tomatoes, cucumbers, both a dill pickle spear and sweet pickle relish (a particularly bright green style of relish, referred to as "nuclear green" relish), yellow mustard directly on the sausage, finished with celery salt, and served on a steamed poppy seed bun. Pickled hot peppers ("sport peppers") and chopped or grilled onions are sometimes optional, but usually included by default. Chicago-style never includes ketchup, though some vendors offer small packets of the condiment for those wanting to add it (many proud vendors refuse to "desecrate" their hotdogs, leaving that task to the "offending" customer). Although outside Chicago this style of hot dog is universally associated with the city, equally popular within Chicago is a "Maxwell Street Polish" sausage, usually served on a plain bun with fried or grilled onions and mustard. Both variations are becoming readily available through the nationwide expansions of such Chicago area fast food eateries as Portillo's.

Labradford consists of bassist Robert Donne, guitarist/vocalist Mark Nelson, and Carter Brown on keyboards. Their music style is experimental ambient/post-rock, although their earlier releases such as Prazision and A Stable Reference were much more related to dark drone rock.

On July 28, 1987, Crispin Glover appeared on Late Night with David Letterman to promote his new movie River's Edge and his album. Dressed as his character from the film Rubin and Ed, he wore a long wig and platform shoes. His bizarre appearance was exceeded only by his strange behavior, which was thought by some to have been influenced by drugs, while others presume it was an Andy Kaufman-style stunt. After a failed attempt to challenge Letterman to an arm-wrestling match, Glover delivered an impromptu karate kick just inches from Letterman's face while shouting, "I'm strong... I can kick!". A noticeably irked Dave abruptly ended the segment and cut to commercial. Glover has later commented, on The Adam Carolla Show and Tom Green Live among others, that he neither denies nor admits any of the rumors surrounding the incident.

Head cheese is in fact not a cheese, but rather a terrine of meat from the head of a calf or pig (sometimes a sheep or cow) that would not otherwise be considered appealing. It may also include meat from the feet and heart. It is usually eaten cold or at room temperature as a luncheon meat. It is sometimes also known as soucemeat, particularly if pickled with vinegar.
Historically the cleaned (all organs removed) head was simmered to produce a gelatin (which would form from the bone marrow) containing any incidental meat which came off the head. The more modern method involves adding gelatin to meat, which is then cooked in a mould.
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