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Untamed Madness

This is a light and unusual tale of a boy in search of a cure for a disease his mother has inexplicably come down with, Walking Insomniatus. The tale will have the party meeting a dragon-speaking horse, blood-loving natives, one strange dude on an island and more insanity-inducing characters!

Features include:

- Up to 14 hours of gameplay (depending on if you have random battles on or not)

- Four characters, each with their own battle specialty

- A large continent to explore

- The option to turn random battles on or off

- An attribute-raising system

- A bizarre sidequest involving sheep

- A secret boss and secret ending!

If you like twists be sure to stick around for the end. Don't feel like fighting your way through an entire game just to get to the end? That's why I made the option to turn off random battles. Tailored specifically for people like you (and me)! Look for the stump. That's all I'll tell you. Enjoy!
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