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The world you know
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Runewind Saga 1

3+ years in the works, Runewind Saga is finally here! This game features a balance of professional design with the most memory efficient scripting and system files. It is a testament to how much can be accomplished in a single game file. I made the game in the classic rpg style using the dbs. There are an enormous amount of extra features described below. It has been thoroughly tested. A walkthrough is included with the game and I will be available for questions / comments.


Encamp: teleport to camp site and talk to companions. Works in world map with woods, desert, and snow terrains go to 3 different camps. Works on every vehicle sending them to inside the vehicle, such as a ship, with shops, inns, and your companions to talk to.

Arena: One on one battles vs monsters. Earn points to buy special stuff.

Multi team setup: 2 and 3 team party setup on certain times or dungeons. Auto teleport is used saving world and room number per party. Player is able to custom build teams.

Enemy Level Up: normal enemies level up as you do. Xp and gold is also multiplied. Nearly all enemy model types are used, and are never made obsolete. Many places have very specific sets of enemies. A max level is set depending on quest progress, so you can eventually out level them.

Tenants: This is straight up from Breath of Fire 2. You get your own town with 6 houses and can recruit 6 of 12 possible tenants from around the world to live there with shops or other things to offer.

Combine Magic: Mages and Wizards have the option of combining two spells instead of casting a single spell. This option doubles the mp cost. If the same spell is combined twice the damage is increased and a new spell is formed. If combined with: Fire: adds burn proc, Wind: more targets, Nature: drains hp, Weaken: decreases resistance to primary element. Shadow: poison. Light: blind. etc.

Summoning: there are 6 friendly monsters which can be summoned. It happens after the enemy turn if the ability was used, and they come if there is room on the enemy screen. They are immune to everything and attack until they randomly flee, so its really only good to use them in boss battles.

Random Treasures: cycles item numbers, uses a merchant script to buy it with "take treasure" option. Other options include give treasure, destroy chest, and nothing. Includes stat potions, money, healing items, relics, and super rare relics.

Other Random Stuff: Random names for villagers and monsters, random insults on taunt ability, each monster has a unique battle skill using battle input. Random weather, random conversation half the time.

Auction House: bidding, and special items available here.

Enchanting: Turn ancient weapons into powerful elemental weapons. Turn items into item+ which can be used several times before breaking or affects all allies.

Avatar: Changes a companions model based on class selection. Saves it on map enter.

Vehicle Combat: When getting in a vehicle the party is changed. The vehicle itself will fight battles on the sea / air, and it is very strong. XP is irrelevent but good at earning cash.

Quest system: Keeps track of current missions with textboxes and numbers.

Mood: There are 16 random moods which have different minor effects. They change after each battle and after resting.

View: I have completely removed drop and replaced it with this option. Using item number and take treasure merchant script you get the item back after viewing it. On view, all stat increase is listed, special resistance message, type of equipment it is, hit rate, crit rate.

5 Endings: Depending on influence with certain characters.

Dating: 4 datable characters, and special text for them when encamping.

Equipment features: Offhand weapons with battle graphics. Two handed weapons. Resistance relics. About 16 different weapon types with different stat boost, powered stats, and battle graphics for hit and crit.

Limit breaks: Damage taken is stored until it reaches 10x listed cost. But the spirit stat is first subtracted from this cost, so those with a spirit can do them more often. Most are attack related, but some have other purposes. There are a couple characters with no limit breaks, but under certain conditions are able to counterattack.

Strategic abilities: Resists specific to enemy and ally. Guard: the person who guards take all damage the one hes guarding would've taken that round. Arise: instant revive if you die. Martyr: kills the paladin but revives his party. Holy Guard: the Paladin takes damage for everyone that round. Taunt: stuns for 2 rounds, works on bosses. low success. displays random insults. Slice: cuts hp in half. Thievery: steal.

Statistics: over 300 abilities and items. 78 indirect effects. 180+ building editor, 150+ world organization. 450 scripts, 360 events. 16 party members. 120+ units and enemies. 180+ vfx, 30+ custom designed. 300+ treasures, over 20 towns. Over 100 applications of the warp event used in the world map to warp to towns and dungeons.

Replay value: With random treasure, 5 different endings, and the ability to change your party and do different dungeons with different parties the game has a lot of replay value.

Difficulty: A long game, but fast paced, decent encounter rate. Bosses are usually challenging and require strategy, normal battles can be challenging at first but usually aren't a problem. Game is harder in the first 1/3rd then later on, except for bosses.


Long ago it was discovered that mana was leaking from the sealed portal on mount Runewind. The mountain became a Mecca for Wizards who founded their kingdom on its side. It was a prosperous land where mana powered everything, but one day the increased consumption of mana caused the portal to open revealing the entrance to the dark world. Monsters eagerly poured into the world bringing with them great destruction, but the world was not without hope for the strongest warriors had been summoned to seal the portal and drive back the encroaching darkness. Little did they know of the horrors that awaited them on the other side.

Three tomes of power with forbidden secrets of the living, dead, and machines within their pages were sealed on an alter guarded by creatures of evil who lusted for their power, but cannot touch them. The warriors sealed the portal, but one of them had been swallowed into the dark world so that the other three could escape, each taking with him one of the tomes, ever unaware of the evil influence that threatened to corrupt him.

As the years passed a new hero had grown into a man whose destiny would pit him against the strongest foes and ultimately take him to the dark world to find his father and confront the king of demons. Torn by the death of his mentor he joins the elite Raijin Ninjas to gain the strength he will need to avenge him. The road ahead offers friends and foes alike and those corrupted by the three tomes of power. Though ambitions both noble and dark stand in his way the road he travels will not be broken.

Chapter 1 Alurian Crusade

The general has poisoned his king and faked his will to ascend the throne instead of the princess who fled the land and rallied her allies against him. He declares war for no reason and with the guidance of a dark wizard begins his crusade of conquest. In their first real mission as ninja our heroes join with others to explore the four kingdoms and seek out the solution to a maddening war fueled by mistrust and misconception that promises to lead everyone to an early grave.

Chapter 2 Lord of Dragons

All is not as it seems. What was once sealed in the past has been released to seize the day. Though presumed dead, his corpse was but an empty shell cocooning the strongest and darkest ninja who has ever walked the earth. Raijin contracts our heros to travel to the ends of the earth and seek out the strongest slayers. To them it is given the task of dispatching this renegade ninja, but they are already on a quest that will now fall to our heroes to complete: The Dragon Lord has built his dark towers and black castles along the mountains of the world and has begun uniting the monster tribes. As progress is made both missions are brought to a climatic end.

Chapter 3 The Hidden Earth

Arrogance has met its end and what should have been finished is now just getting started. Raijin knows that war is imminent for the throne of the strongest kingdom is now “his.” Though the outlook is hopeless there is a chance for victory, but only if everyone joins together before the invasion begins. Now regarded as world class heroes the party must tackle the quests that have eluded and tormented kings and queens throughout the ages. To each that is solved go the promise of an army when the time for war comes upon them.

Chapter 4 The Necromancer

Time has passed and the world has become a dangerous place. Trade has all but perished and many lands have closed the doors to their kingdoms. Our heroes are trapped in those lands, but there is hope a ship may be awarded if the mystery of the undead that walk the streets of the cities of light is solved. The chase is on, but there are no leads and only the unlikeliest of suspects.

Chapter 5 The Dark World

Much has changed in the world of Ninjas, some clans have grown stronger while others have been destroyed. A new struggle looms on the horizon, but there are far greater concerns; the portal to the dark world has opened once again and the king of demons is collecting the tomes and planning his invasion. A new world awaits with much to explore and new allies to find.

Chapter 6 Order and Chaos

The quest has ended, but one adventure remains. All that has come of the past will soon be judged and the hidden secrets of friends and foes will finally be revealed. A new leader has emerged with promises of peace and elimination of evil, but it comes hand in hand with slavery. Right and wrong become blurred as noble ambitions clash and the order of one world shall solve the chaos of another. In the grand finale each must stand his own ground, play out his role, and he that triumphs shall be called justice.

OTHER RACES (Playable Characters: 27)

Elemental Elves: The elemental elves (Fire Elves, Sky Elves, Sea Elves, and Tree Elves) often have odd colored hair and special powers and resistances to their element. The females are only fertile during months of their element, and also give birth during months of their element. For example a Tree Elf pregnant in May (Taurus) gives birth 8 months later in January (Capricorn). Full elemental elves are rare, but the human descendants of elemental elves keep many of these features for several generations.

Ancient Elves: The white elves, dark elves, and grey elves. Little is known about them, but it is rumored 1 in every 100 grey elves evolves into a silver elf and 1 of every 100 silver elves evolves into a gold elf. They are warriors with unique capabilities. Grey elves have two lives. When they are killed the first time they come back to life with double their power. Thus the first death is reserved for when one reaches his greatest strength. Enemies who know this need to think twice about actually killing in battle.

Dwarves: They are short, have long beards, and live deep within the earth. Recently Dwarves have built a castle and their knowledge and mechanical prowess increased greatly. In the world of Runewind they have built tanks and submarines and are one of the few kingdoms that has entered an industrial revolution.

Ang: The Ang are a red skinned monster race with white spikes in their arms and shoulders. They have the unique ability to increase their power with anger. The attack power is increased by the difference between HP and Max HP. They also learn fire spells and gain resistance to fire. There is danger that an Ang who gets too angry will explode in a mighty blast of rage taking his enemies with him. The Angs lived in a place called the Anger Caverns, but some of them developed intelligence and began to question their purpose. These Angs founded the kingdom of Angrila where the great Arena was built to hone their need for fighting in a controlled environment, but the other Angs did not take kindly to this, thus the race has been thrown in a civil war.

Tetujin: Cybernetic beings who began as robots and substitute useful organic components such as the brain and reproductive organs. They are much more machine then mere Cyborgs. Very little is known about their empire.

Lunar: Aliens who came from a moon orbiting the gas giant in the Runewind system. They are telepathic beings with a strict dress code. Most of them are civilized and do not condone fighting, but recently some of them have come to Runewind for what no one knows.

Xetheoul: The mysterious ancient inhabitants of the dark world. The dark world was once very different, but this race became so deeply corrupted they nearly destroyed themselves and their world. Obsessed with the tomes of power it is rumored a great wizard put a seal on the tomes making it impossible for them to touch the tomes. Thus the Xetheoul have rallied behind the king of demons.

Alasamorph: The ancient enemies of the Xetheoul, they are shapeshifters who live in the morphing space and have long life spans. Little is known about them. Their habitation is capable of migration, phasing in and out of existence and appearing in other spots throughout the dark world. That is except for the part of the morphing space connected to the portal at mount Runewind.
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The world you know
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UPDATE: In the beginning there is a short period that is difficult and I was little vague about it.

The High Level Party: Vuverian needs to cast Aura to heal.

The rescue mission: the place you need to go is just south of Raijin at the forest edge next to the river on the southwest part of the island. I know I said to fight a couple battles here, but some of them are hard and if they use their rare skills you may die.

Thunder Mountain: Use rain dance ability to heal the party for free. Fight the optional boss on the way back. In the boss battle heal every round. Once you beat him things will be easier.

If anyone is having any other trouble feel free to post here and I will help.

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The world you know
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Re: Runewind Saga 1

RPGM2 Internal Bugs:

The Map Display Bug: Sometimes the map editor isn't loaded when restoring a save. A warp will fix this. This mainly happens on complex maps. I have no save points on the world map and it is on rare occasion to see this.

The Movement Priority Bug: If you enter a warp and hold down directional pad it results in your moving 1 step before enter map and event motion scripts are called. Because the doors in my game use a motion script to bypass members exiting a building while holding down a direction will sometimes cause you to wind up on the roof. This is a problem until you have the escape spell. This bug used to be very rare, but lately it happens anytime you hold down a direction through the entire course of a warp sequence. The good news it won't happen unless you're trying to make it happen, but as always save often.
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