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Post How to! 003

How to - have a very fun conversation.

(Experienced FAQ)
so, this tutorial is in the 2nd level because it's somewhat simple yet confusing. We all have that traditional, meet-and-greet way of progressing to the story in making games right? But what if you could make that way more interesting? Now that would be awesome.

To start off this feature, the npc met by the player must have a disappear switch like switch 001. Next, turn on switch 1 and let the player disappear too. Now place a event in each end of the screen. RM1 shows 13x9 square tiles in which the player is the center. if the player is the center, that would mean there's only 12 sq.tiles left, just count 6 in each side and 1 below so the event will not be blocked by the dialogue box (adjust if necessary). Add an npc sprite on the 2nd page of an event (whatever side) having switch 1 as the condition, that goes to the other side too but it'll be the player's sprite (but not the player himself, that would shift the screen). add a next page with a switch in the page condition plus switch 1 (npc and player must have different switches) and giving the sprite a "ghost" attribute. In the next part, type whatever dialogue you want them to say, activate their switches if one will not talk yet.

Old Man - (Talk Switch: switch 001)(Silent Switch: switch 002)
Player - (Talk Switch: switch 001)(Silent Switch: switch 003)

switch 003 is turned on every time the Old Man speaks and vice versa. It can create a "lighting" effect and the player will now who's talking without putting a name on the dialogue box. Experiment with multiple npc conversation and it'll turn out great.

Brightness: I've made this tutorial because it's like the one in fire emblem games, where the listener darkens while the speaker lightens.

I'm still trying to experiment with this but if there'll be any problem, don't be shy to PM me.
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