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JLA: Elseworlds

If you're reading INFINITE CRISIS, check this out!
This is an abandoned project of mine to make an RPG about the Justice League of America. I thought it was a cool idea, but became too time consuming, and I'm just not very good at creating balanced game-play. There's no password, so if you'd like to finish the game, you're more than welcome! (I'd love to play your version, too!) Otherwise, you can just play it as a demo, or make use of the sprites I made for Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter.
Here's a few tid-bits on how I WAS going to finish the game. I don't think you need them to enjoy the demo. Most of this info is inconsequential to the main game. But here it is in case you're looking to finish the game based on how it starts:

After using the Engine of Chance(JLA #18&19), Neil Emerson became the almost Omnipotent "Chimera", an original character creation of mine who derives his massive reality bending powers from the imaginations of all sentient beings. He's causing all the reality bending business. (or is he?)
"C-fos" is a character I made movies about with my friends. In each movie "C.F.O.S." stood for something different. Captain full of sunshine, Creature from outer space, Creature from our sofa... etc. In this game, he was going to be simply a recurring comic relief character (or WAS he?), while his(my) wife, Holly, runs every potion shop.
The other DC characters I'm sure you'll have your own ideas of what to do with. I also included in the system data, monster designs that would be fantasy game versions of other DC heroes and villains. (Altered because of the reality bending, of course.)
Also, just before you get to the last place you can explore in Athenia, that "warp" effect was intended to briefly take the party to the Batcave, further evidence that reality is very fractured.

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me at paeterboy@yahoo.com
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Re: JLA: Elseworlds

Oh yeah. My wife Holly is a pharmacist who used to work for CVS (and didn't enjoy it there). THAT is why she runs every "potion" shop.
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Re: JLA: Elseworlds

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