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Swords & Sorcerers: Chapter One 2013

In ages past, a king lay dying and a story teller relates to him one last tale: "Swords & Sorcerers" (Introduces Mortat [Defenders of Light - RM1] and Haida [Defenders Of Light: The Three Worlds - RM2]; takes place in same Universe as Defenders Of Light [RM1], and is the first game in the Defenders series.) Mortat, an evil Sorcerer, is told of a prophecy of by his mother, Haida, the Future Seer, that he shall be defeated by heroes. Using his powerful magic he covers the land with monsters to prevent this. Shawn, a local Adventurer discovers this and ventures on a quest to save the world. Along the way you play through the telling of Shawn's story to rid the world of monsters, and the people he meets and helps along the way.

*** FEATURES ***

-> UNLOCKED for your viewing convenience
-> Engaging Story
-> Play as multiple characters, with their own story lines.
-> Puzzles and mini quests, which have purpose.
-> Mini Games, which have no purpose.
-> No Random Battles - Enemies on screen and, once defeated are gone forever!
-> No Game Over! 2 MEMORY CARDS - Hours of game play


-> Although this game is quite long, it is incomplete. There will be no "Chapter Two".
-> Be careful how you spend your money! Monsters DO NOT re-spawn!
-> Be careful using items, you may never get more.
-> Do NOT play mini games unless you've saved first, you could lose ALL your cash if you keep playing!
-> Petrification is INCURABLE... thanks, RPG Maker. Use Inns, Home or MAX HP / MP Statues.
-> Default battle system used, so you've been warned.


-> Sleep at home and you will never pay for an Inn; just WARP there!
-> Armor, Helmets, and Weapons can have Magic effects. With EQUIP Option in Battle they have much more usefulness than just Defense or Regular Attack! Remember you can wear them, and use their Magic.
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