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Veil of Corruption: The Fallen Arbiter

Name of Game - Veil of Corruption: The Fallen Arbiter
Name of Creator - Lausen
System - RPG Maker 1
Genre - Epic RPG
Rating - Teen
Type - Demo
File Type- .PSV

This is a tech demo of Veil of Corruption. It's based off of events that are only explained in the game. It's NOT actual game play and the leveling system in no way represents the final game. It's more of a way to introduce Veil of Corruptions antagonist. I hope you enjoy.

The Winner of the Speedy RPG Contest with a perfect 10/10 score.

Review is below.
Veil of Corruption (demo) by Lausen

A team of knights return home victorious, and everything goes to hell.

The core story doesnt seem all that original (although this is just a demo), but there's some nice twists, which is where the "corruption" in the title comes from. Your character is being influenced by a dark force, and that leads to some creative, and interesting scenarios in both story and gameplay. The writing is very good, with very minimal spelling errors, and pretty natural flow. Although the biggest draw for me was the gameplay. The default leveling system is discarded, and replaced with the "corruption sphere", and you earn "corruption points" in battle to spend here. It's much like the sphere system in Final Fantasy X. It's rare that I don't become genuinely angry when confronted with an RPGM1 battle, but I found myself seeking them out here, to gain more corruption points, then dashing off to a save point to beef up my character more. It's a lot of fun, and gives you great freedom in how you develop your character. If I have one complaint about this system, it's how dark the corruption sphere screen is, which made me crank up the brightness on my TV. Every TV is different though, so there's a good chance that it will display fine on your screen.

What about the visuals? RPGM1 games usually have trouble with balance in their maps, due to the limited number of tiles you get to work with. Things tend to feel artificial, cluttered, or vacant. Balance is rare. Thankfully, balance is achieved here. The environments feel organic, and have a very nice flow to them, making them interesting to explore. We also have the cinemas. Character sprites are spun around, teleported, and otherwise manipulated expertly to create very believable fight scenes, despite the limitations of the events needed to create such scenes, and most of it is done using clever events and stock character sprites. The choreography is very good, and there's a very memorable scene in a town featuring a waterfall. It's a very visually interesting game, and it's rare we get to say that about anything made with RPGM1.

Score: 10 emo snails out of a possible 10
Any feedback is welcome.
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Re: Veil of Corruption: The Fallen Arbiter

This whole corruption sphere system sounds unbelievably captivating! I'm hope you'll keep with it, I'll certainly play this game when it's completed!

Looking forward to it!
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