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A Ronin Story

Akira was formerly a member of the warrior class of his homeland, Sekai. However, when Sekai was attacked by its western neighbor Gaia and the battle looked hopeless, he abandoned Sekai’s forces. Ten years after the invasion, the world is in a sorry state. A mysterious influx of demons plauges the world and the church of Gaia, which has repelled smaller demon contingents in the past, seems unable to do anything about it. Akira now makes his living as a mercenary, indifferent to the changes in the world. However, when he accepts a job from Ivan, a man from the northern country of Slobainia, he will be thrust into the center of this crisis, and eventually be led to its source.

-limited random battles
-element based combat
-a variety of puzzles in dungeons
-numerous side quests

Created by Tsunami
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SS World (RPGM2) Extravaganzicon Contest Winner
A Ronin Story (RPGM3)
SS World 2 (RPGM2)

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