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Characters from Sword of Vengeance

The game is about a girl who awakens an ancient sword. Thus starting a life changing journey.
Here is a list of characters for my game Sword of Vengeance.

Hero Characters

Name: Chen Zen
Age: 21
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long Black – Pony tail
Species: Human
Class: Monk
Characteristics: Peaceful, friendly, observant, well mannered, well traveled, tries to avoid conflict, a push over, knowledgeable in the healing herbs.
Flaws: Too passive, and people tend to take advantage of him.
Party: Yes
Quirks: Doesn’t always admit his feelings to others.
Relation to story: Guides Terra in her journey.

Name: Terra Long (Was once named Westly)
Age: 18
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Long Brown
Species: Human
Class: Merchant, later a Swordswomen
Characteristics: Streetwise, calm, stubborn, speaks her mind, questions authority, tends to take things personally, strong sense of justice, knowledge of the underground.
Flaws: Tends to rush into things, can understand different points of view; which makes it hard to make critical decisions quick.
Party: Yes, the hero character
Quirks: Afraid of water
Relation to story: Draws the Sword of Vengeance

Name: Riven
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark gray or none (not sure of this yet)
Species: Demon
Class: Demon
Characteristics: Aggressive, loyal, angry, kind hearted sometimes, daring.
Flaws: Distrust humans, Doesn’t understand human behavior.
Party: Yes
Quirks: Curious about humans.
Relation to story: Helps Terra to escape from danger later becomes her friend.

Evil Characters

Name: Strodham
Age: 30
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Short blonde messy
Class: Leader / Thief
Characteristics: Strodham has always lived life on the side of crime. Thus he has always learned to watch out for himself and to leave other people empty handed. He is very intelligent which is why he is a leader of the Bandits who live on Wolfbane. He is well known through the land for his acts of thievery and his murderous ways.
Flaws: Believes that he is all powerful and that no one is able to touch him.
Background: Strodham made sure that know one will ever know of his past.

Name: Sierra
Age: 25
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long Dark Red
Class: Seductress
Characteristics: With her siren like looks Sierra can have any man she wants. With her sweet looks and lovely voice she masks her real intentions. Having found true love in Strodham she is willing to do anything for the man she loves.
Flaws: While most men don’t see it, Sierra wants nothing but pure power. The search for power has left Sierra blind to the feelings of others.
Background: Sierra wasn’t always such a low life. In fact she was once a daughter of an upper class family. Although she had everything she ever wanted she was never happy. That was until Strodham and his gang raided her father’s mansion. In the raid Sierra caught Strodham’s eye and he kidnapped her. From that day on she has been his women. It was in his gang that she gained her skills a Seductress.

Name: Hanta - Kira
Age: 30
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Always covered
Species: Human
Class: Assassin
Characteristics: Strong willed, a loner, Kill anyone for a price, Sees nothing in other lives, cannot be trusted
Flaws: Doesn’t trust other people, believes people are out to get him.
Party: No
Quirks: Toys with his prey.
Relation to story: Is part of Strodham’s bandits. He will take command of the band only if Strodham and Sierra are disposed of.

Name: Eclipse
Age: 20
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long green
Species: Elf
Class: Rogue
Characteristics: Streetwise, cunning, daring, observant, cold, outgoing, and quick
Flaws: Zeros in on an idea and nothing else matters.
Party: No
Quirks: Becomes calm in the presence of flowers.
Relation to story: Wants to kill Strodham for he slain her family, but is willing to kill Terra for the Sword of Vengeance.

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The Quiet One
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Whataface2 is a name known to all
Re: Characters from Sword of Vengeance


After some interruptions I was finally able to get back to work on the game.

I have added 2 temporary members and 1 new member to the party.

Seth who is going to be a temporary member is a long time friend to Terra. He gets a lot of his information about the Seekers (These are magic users who want the Sword of Vengeance) from Terra. So over they years they have developed a strong relationship, but Seth would like more out of the relationship. Terra however doesn’t realize this.

Then there is Kuzo. He is a mercenary who is known all over the world. Legend has it that if you see him you are already dead. He is easily spotted by his red jacket, cold demeanor, and his two swords. He is going to be the second temporary member.

The newest party member is Katzu. He is a pupil of Kuzo. He is very naïve about the world and this and his eagerness tend to end up getting him into trouble. No one really knows why Kuzo took Katzu on as his pupil. Some say he is being paid to toughen Katsu up.

Character Abilities

Temporary Members

Seth – Slash: Does a 150 hp worth of damage to one enemy.
Kuzo – Double Blade: Hits the enemy twice to do 400 hp worth of damage.

Party Members
Level 1
Terra – Punch: Does 30 hp worth of damage to enemy.
Chen Zen – Heal: Recovers 50 hp.
Riven – Growl: Threatens the enemy into submission.
Katzu – Block: Reduces damage taken by 25%.

Level 5
Terra – Run!: Helps ally escape danger.
Chen Zen- Pray: Cures status effects.
Riven- Fang: Bite that poisons enemy.
Katsu – Back Off: Reduces the enemy’s speed by 50%.

Level 10
Terra – Dirt: Toss dirt to blind your enemy.
Chen Zen – Jump Kick: Does 200 hp worth of damage to enemy.
Riven – Claw: Does 150 hp worth of damage to enemy.
Katzu – Rush: Charge at enemy to do 100 hp of damage.

Level 15
Terra – Dragon Blade: Drain 100 hp from your enemy.
Chen Zen: Buddha’s Palm: Does 200 hp to the undead.
Riven – Howl: Increases an ally’s speed by 20%.
Katzu: Fireworks: Stops the use of magic.

Level 20
Terra – Serpent’s Stun: Seals the enemy’s abilities.
Chen Zen – Bless: Fully revives a fallen ally.
Riven – Boulder: Toss a huge rock at enemy to do 200 hp worth of damage.
Katzu – Discussion: Talk to drive the enemy away.

Level 25
Terra – Soul Eater: Reduces the enemy’s mp by 150 points.
Chen Zen- Purify: Fire that damages and evils soul for 300 hp of damage.
Riven – Roar: Strengthen the entire party by 25%.
Katzu – Warrior’s Stance: Weakens then enemies by 50%.

Level 30
Terra – Chaos: Wipes out one enemy and the user.
Chen Zen – Death: 50% chance that the enemy will die instantly.
Riven - Demon Blood: Poisons all the enemies.
Katzu – Warrior’s Breath: Recover all mp.
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Re: Characters from Sword of Vengeance

Please don't get mad at me or ban me for this necro post from hell, but I wanted to know if OP is still working on this project? I just came across it and thought I'd ask because it sounds interesting.
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