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Omegablade Saga

Thomas Gunnir's life had been carefree, having been the son of the wealthy and famous adventurer, John Gunnir. That is, until one day, when his father asks that he take on an adventure to find a legendary weapon of great power.

Tommy is joined by his best friend Bobby, the son of one of John Gunnir's long lost travelling companions, Gabi, a girl who is studying to become a priestess and has prophetic dreams, and Cassie, a natural born mage just begining to understand the power she wields.

The four friends embark on a journey to find an object, but soon learn that more is at stake than a piece of ancient craftsmanship, and learn of a life they would otherwise have never known.

-Customize your characters using herbs to enhance attributes.
-Find secret spells.
-Explore a Dragon Warrior-style world.
-Several side-quests.
-Learn the secret of the Devil Egg shards to uncover a second ending.
-Includes a document describing how to unlock the secret ending.
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