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[/ATTACH]The young Terry embarks on a quest for heroism! However, he soon realizes that this path is not a simple "Slaying a Dragon" agenda, since his journey takes an immediate turn from what many have done before him. With veggies abundant and a spirit animal's guidance, can Terry overcome the newly arisen threat? Can he finally stop the threat that returns time and again? Will this trail of heroes END with HIM?! Probably not. But he'll bash through many a bad guy to make sure of it!

Probably Rated E (fantasy violence)


Action RPG: This is a hack and slash! The rule here is: the longer the combo, the higher the damage, the quicker the enemies! Watch your damage rack up and your foes fall down as you combine might and magic for maximum combo-ing goodness!

Around 9 hours of game play! (It took me about 6!)

Has rumble and various screen and vfx made

Difficulty settings to relax, play standard, or a rewarding challlenge mode!

Favorite colors, class abilities, catchphrases and even more to personalize your adventure with your own quirks!

A Hunger system in place regulates the use of healing food items, but there's no penalty for being too hungry!

Banks do more than just prevent money loss- money deposited increases as you defeat enemies!

50+ Power ups and bonus equipment hidden around the game!

Secret elemental weapons, bosses and stages when playing Casual or Challenge modes.

Short and sweet guides and battle system tips included!

Uses Save Slot #8

UPDATES to Ver.2- Fewer misspellings, easier navigation, use of the item bag, and more reasonable encounter rate and enemy Ai!

UPDATES to Ver.4- Map and text overlap is fixed, slightly smarter Ai for enemies, and Meditation now reminds you of Objectives as well!

UPDATES to Ver.5- Favorite color of clothing are in every armoire- with its own set! Damage text display is recolored, and damage is balanced!
.5 version fixes minor coloring glitch.

UPDATES to Ver.6- Rogues make more money from... everything; Surviving an ambush nets you more Exp and Winchel; Damage was, again, rebalanced so that battles are slightly easier.

UPDATES to Ver.6.1- Money glitch is fixed.

UPDATES to Ver.7- fixed vfx attack glitch making them move too fast, some grammatical errors, slightly smoother attack animations, can now re-battle the secret boss instead of being glitched black-screen, and tweaking of damages.

NOTE: this is the first game I've uploaded- Feedback is so advised!
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Re: Variant

Gave it the old college try. There are so few people using RPGM2, that I get the intense inclination to promote any active projects I do come across. I sent you a PM with my thoughts regarding the game. Thanks for sharing it with the community!

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Action RPG, Rpg maker 2

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