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Mencara Revelle


The city of Grant's Cove was traumatized. Three students were found dead behind the local store. The once "wholesome, All-American" stature that had been the pride of Grant's Cove was tarnished. The investigation of these murders was lead by Jackson Connor. A police informant, only known as Brantly, was rumored to have a connection with the deaths. Soon afterwards, Connor went to his house to search the premises and question Brantly. However, Brantly's private room was a gruesome mess. Brant himself was nowhere to be seen. Eerily, Connor found an inverted pentagram drawn in blood. A few days later, Connor's brutalized body showed up in Brent Park, the Grant's Cove local zoo. An elderly tourist discovered the corpse.

After that horrifying incident, Charles Riker took up the case. His search for leads ended up with more than he bargained for. When he found his way to the St. Pristine Chapel, an old abandoned church, strange noises and occurences began to happen. A dark force was unleashed after this visit, causing Riker's entire world to spin out of control. Even an old urban legend of Grant's Cove, which states that the spawn of Satan was born in the '60s, began to come ahead full force. In the legend, the doctors at the institution that the demon baby was taken to were supposedly murdered. The hospital covered in a blood-red, rust-like substance known by tellers of the tale simply as the "Red Rust". Riker discovered his police station covered in the same substance. Monsters began to attack him everywhere he goes. And, unfortunately for Riker, everyone except him seemed to have gone insane. Not to mention that there were numerous reports of every phenomenon imaginable - from Satanic rituals, UFO sightings, ghosts, and even public executions and rapings.

The once great city of Grant's Cove holds a dark secret. One that will devour everything in its path. Charles Riker now comes face to face with that inescapable terror.


This is a game that revolves heavily upon uncovering the mystery that now shrouds Grant's Cove. You have to search for clues in a large free-roaming environment. The story is non-linear, but fast-progressing. The actions you take will affect the story. You must pay attention to detail and notice the subtleties. A vast number of secrets are strewn throughout the game. Discovering them may add a whole different twist to the mystery. Unlike most PSX RPGMaker games, most objects in this game are examinable.

One feature that separates this game from the rest is the use of custom-made menus and systems. These work on the same basis as custom-battle-systems. The most notable of these are the radio and telephone. Through signs, symbols and other hidden clues, you may be able to contact important people or tap into certain radio channels.

A stylish custom-battle-system is used. You fight in one-on-one battles against enemies with your firearm. You trade hits with the enemy. Your chances of hitting the enemy depends on the range and accuracy of your current weapon. Each shot consumes ammunition. Running out of ammo spells certain death. Battles are quick and simple, but frightening as ammo is limited. As you progress, you will find more powerful weapons.

A scoring system will monitor your every action. The amount of battles you've fought, the weapon you've used and even the number of times you've saved are all factored into your final score. The better your performance is, the more extra secrets and bonus features will you unlock at the end of the game. This adds to the replay value.
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