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Monster Mash House

Dullsville, USA was never a very exciting city. That is until strange
creatures started appearing in the countryside… Soon tales of mutated
kittens, giant roaches, and overly grumpy woodchucks began
decorating the headlines of the newspapers. Nobody really seemed to
care and when the police assured everyone it was just a bunch of
hoaxes, they all moved on with their lives. Everyone except… Jeffy,
Jimmy, and Jill. Longtime friends and all very curious explorers, they
had been watching the newspapers closely and didn’t believe the
reports that things were OK (especially since they had a run in with an
ill-tempered rabbit). They immediately suspected a house located in
the outskirts of town, and not just because it was the only house in the outskirts. (But it makes you think doesn’t it?) So on a dark and stormy night, they all journeyed to the house to investigate…

Game title: Monster Mash House
Platform: RPGM1
Style: Non-traditional RPG (no random or initiated battles), Puzzle
System: ePSXe or other compatible emulator (I have not found a way to convert it to regular memory card format but I will keep working)
Files Included in .zip: monster.GME (scenario files), monsterimg.GME (image files and system files), and Monster Mash Instructions.pdf (instruction booklet).

Play as 3 kids that you switch between to solve the mystery of Monster Mash House!

I don't expect there to be any errors, but if there are, please let me know.

This is the corrected version that gets rid of the fatal error. I played through just to make sure and yes, it is now beatable (is that a word?).
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File Type: zip mmh1.zip (990.6 KB, 398 views)

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