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Defenders Of Light - UNLOCKED

The Evil Sorcerer Mortat has stolen the Light of The Three Worlds!
5 Defenders Of Light must reclaim the Light, defeat Mortat and restore The Three Worlds.

(Previously "EASY VERSION / FINAL VERSION", allowing battles to be turned off and making certain other things easier in the game.)

Updates to this version include:

+ Spelling corrections
+ Light tracking in L/I/A (items) menu, so you know how many have been collected in an area
+ Addition of a much needed Character Select Spot at the beginning of Towerland
+ Removal of the excessive BLUE BLOCK on Shion Prime that blocked the way to Towerland (there were two on Shion Prime, when there only should have been one)
+ Ensuring the player does not get trapped on bosses

* This version has been UNLOCKED to allow viewing of the source code. (Although, I would strongly recommend actually playing my game.)

Enjoy. :)

Created by Shawn Forbes

Notes: Defenders of Light was the winner of the pavilion's final exclusively RPG Maker 1 contest, which was never actually titled.
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