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Fading is special!
Thousand Years

This is my first RPG Maker 3 title, Thousand Years. I apologize in advance for any spelling errors, I went through and tried to correct most...3x over lol. However some still exist. Also upon starting the game, there is an item in the house to the right, but ignore the characters lol. They are Karl and Pat, my real life friends who I gave cameos too. The game is pretty much serious, but I added in humorous dialog to make it enjoyable as well. Valleria Island is a good example of most of the residents leading to bickering inbetween Fading and Amelia and giving humorous dialog without making the game a comedy.

As for the game itself -

I finished it in roughly 14 hours with minimal item use, but some bosses are still tough. The level I reached at the end was 40 even.

1. All characters (with the exception of 1 or 2) have 2 or more sets of dialog per character. So if you enjoy talking to every character twice, feel free as some of the best dialog comes from talking to a character twice at times. However I did not have the room to add night time dialog. So most cities have a touch event to turn it back to day to prevent characters from going silent. If you find a character unable to talk, it's probably because it's night, run to a city entrance and it'll auto change the time.

2. Roads, if you hate fights then stick to them. Like most RPG's, roads=less fights, grass or forests=many. Also on Sanctus Kingdom the path to the second half of the Island is connected by an event on the road leading south. Simply follow the road south and you get warped, to get back to the upper half of the continent, merely walk back up north on the road. It's basically one continent using 2 maps.

4. You must buy a weapon and armor at the start of the game. I put in two different sets of dialog to remind you, but thought I'd give one last warning so you don't step outside and use your bare hands .

3. Final weapons and armor are in Thor's Keep, the next to last dungeon. I took having them into account when making the last boss, I suggest getting them, but it's probably not impossible to win without them.

4. Try to follow the story. I tried to plan for every possible attempt to skip ahead, but I probably have missed something.

5. Side quests. I meant to add more, but only one side quest made it into the game, it is at the very beginning in Charter Port. However in Allsberg there is additional dialog when you drink 4 times in a row. I used variables which add 1 each time to make the outcome different, and it resets at 4. I was happy with how that turned out.


Story -

You are Fading, you wake up to a normal routine on a small island with little to do. You go to the docks to kill time and see what your Father is up to. However he informs you a woman had entered Gaia Caves at the south end of the continent. You go to try and rescue her as Gaia Caves have become increasingly dangerous.

That's the start, the rest you can find out as you go along heh. The intro gives a backstory. I hope everyone who tries it enjoys it, and I thank these forums again for helping me complete it.
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Fading is special!
Re: Thousand Years

One side note I forgot. Talia is weak in HP and Defense, but high in Magic Defense. I highly suggest she stay in the back row as she won't be doing any damage with her staff. However she has high MP, and Holy Shock if you want to spam that.

Also the main character Fading uses a bow (because I liked the 3D battle model), but he's meant for front row use as he has the highest defense and HP.

However you can mess with the formation in any way you see fit, so it's up to you. That's just my recommendation.
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