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Crythania is not doing so well
The Raiders Of Lekunder

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Advanced Strategy
Rating: Everyone
Data Slot: 1

It's time to kick some dragon tail!

On the border of the human land of Valasia and the Dragon Lands is the quiet
town of Lekunder. Ruled by King Randolf (who was elected King by the
people because his last name is King), Lekunder was home to four elemental
crystals that protected Valasia from monsters... Until the dragons came.
They attacked the town, absconded with the four crystals, and kidnapped
Princess Elandra. One of the dragons remained behind to deliver a ransom
note to King Randolf. It read:

"Hand over your kingdom or the princess gets it!
PS - We mean business!
PSS - Don't send someone on a rescue mission. That would be annoying."

The note continued with a long list of PSS's. King Randolf was still reading it
when Princess Krystana and her friends returned from a hunting trip and found
out what had happened. Krystana didn't waste any time. She and her
friends embarked on a quest to rescue Princess Elandra and recover the four

+ No random encounters. All battles are non-repeating events.
+ Elemental combat. Each character has an elemental affinity with strengths
and weaknesses. Master the powers of Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. Use
them to your advantage. But beware! The enemy has the same abilities you
+ Tough, smart battles. Go up against opponents who are closely matched
with you. Use smart strategy to emerge victorious.
+ In-game tutorial.
+ Follow the story of Princess Krystana, Glaysa the elvish archer, Fhibbs the
cowardly dwarf, and Jareth the wisecracking thief as they meet a cast of
zany characters in the Dragon Lands.
+ Explore a world rich in detail. The Dragon Lands has rivers, lakes, hills,
mountains, and plenty of sights to see. Visit an abandoned mining town, a
temple, an intricate network of mines, a large palace, and a dragon cave.
Five massive dungeons.
+ Day/Night phase for town characters.
+ Collect potion ingredients and bring them to a friendly sorceress who brews
potions for you.
+ Collect valuable treasures and sell them for gold.
+ Get in-game hints from a fortuneteller.
+ Track your progress with a Quest Journal.
+ Collect special coins and use them for a vending machine.
+ Secrets galore! Scour the land in search of hidden items. Collect powerful
bonus items that give you a nasty edge over the opposition. Visit six bonus
dungeons and unlock their secrets.
+ 15 to 20 hours of gameplay.

Recently improved and updated. This is an update of the previous version.

Find support for this game at:
Pirate Nut Games Forum
Gameplay FAQs
Info on upcoming games
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Re: The Raiders Of Lekunder

I can't wait 'till I can play this!
Currently working on: The Lost Realm
(For more info plz PM me)
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RPGM3 The Raiders of Lekunder

RPGM3- The Raiders of Lekunder

Story: The story had you searching out the princess of Lekunder, The main character Krystanaís sister and the four element crystals which were stolen by the dragons. You had to go and fight all the different dragons that were involved in order to find the stolen princess and the crystals. The story is meant to be a comedy in witch I was not aware of at first because, well the name sounds a lot more serious then what it is and the plot sounds like it should be more serious. It is definitely geared towards a younger audience. Some of the stuff was completely out there. I never would have expected some of the dragons to act the way they did. It wasnít really my thing, but it was bad especially because most of the game took place in dungeons. I did however like how when you finally found the princess the dragon guarding her couldnít stand her any longer and just gave here up. The character development was good too. Each character had their own personalities. I could tell Crythania put his heart into it.

Memory Use: Crythania used 80.7% and it shows with all of the little details he put in. I know he had to of saved a lot of memory by using the storyteller instead of the message displays. Not to mention they were done very well. Even with the amount of stuff in his dungeons he managed to keep the slow down time to a minimum.

Maps/Dungeons: Well this is the best part of the game for me. Ignore the kiddy story and focus on the part that really showed Crythaniaís talent. The world map was done very good. Nothing was out of place and things looked great. The mines especially stood out to me. The little trials that came up onto the platforms were really cool. He even put hidden items on the field. The causeway looked very cool too. The only draw back is that there was only one map. I would have loved to see some more of what he can do. The dungeons were done pretty good as well. Some got a bit too complex for my liking. I found myself having to find one key to open a door that leads to another key just so I can go back and open a door I passed 20 minutes earlier. The amount of items to interact with though was by far the best Iíve seen to date. So many little pots and boxes to search in made the dungeons really stand out. The library in the Jadnasthe Temple was one that stood out. I also like the signs in the Tyatham Palace telling to party to leave the dragons home. Especially the one saying if itís a salesperson he doesnít want anything.

Decorative aspect: Well like I already said the dungeons had so many different things to help. From tables to plants it all looked good. The one cool thing Crythania did was make it so your characters learned new skills through books you found in the dungeons. I though that was cool. I will say he might have over done it with treasure chests though. There were so many, normally I would say thatís awesome, but in this case they were the same healing items over and over. It got old pretty fast. You would go way out of your way to find one and it had no sense of reward. It would have been a different story if he had weapons or accessories inside, but unfortunately it got repetitive fast. I will say the town was very good looking. It had the right feel. I really liked how you could find things, not just people to interact with.

Battles: NO random encounters!!! Itís a very good thing too with some of his dungeons getting so long. Crythania opted for event based battles. He made a unique element system that really made battles more strategic. It gave you feeling of accomplishment when you won any fight because they were generally at par with you. He even incorporated it into the main story and had a tutorial. Although at one point you completely contradicted the element system. In one of the dungeons Fhibbs is weak against the water enemies and yet he is telling the girl to heal him with water based spells??? Didnít make sense to me. The only thing that could have been improved upon was giving the enemies more skills to change things up more.

Stand out stuff: Crythania had a lot of stand out things to offer. He had a few secret dungeons to explore. I didnít explore them all because I didnít find the keys, but the Thieves Hall was really cool. A breath of fresh air so to say. He also incorporated a fortune teller and a quest journal to make sure you never got lost. I liked how you could find different herbs and bring them to a ďWitchĒ and she would make you new potions. It was a bit sluggish, but nothing to complain about. The last thing that stood out was the guy who would buy the expensive items you found. That was really cool and basically your main source of money.

Overall: The story may not have captured my attention that much but the rest did. I could tell Crythania put a lot and I mean a lot of effort into making things interactive and unique. It definitely benefited by not having random encounters. The battle system it did use was done well, but could have been made better by including more skills. The extra stuff added really made it more enjoyable. Even though some of the chests got repetitive it was cool to always have healing supplies. I suggest checking it out.

Iím saying 8.5/10 I had fun.
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