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Tears of Revenge

Game Download:


Keung and Jian are out for for blood after their parents are murdered in front of their eyes. Tied together by the unbreakable bond of brotherhood the two brothers come up with a list of people responsible for their parent's deaths. The game starts out as the two brothers are carrying out their first assassination mission. Being solely driven by grief and revenge the two are willing to throw away their lives to find the peace they desperately desire.

The game uses Yami's side view battle system with Yanfly's Free Turn Battle. In this system you can choose the order in which you execute actions. In addition some weapons and armor grant additional actions per turn.


Time Fantasy Graphics
Classic Fantasy Music Pack
RMN Music Pack
No Random Encounters
Difficulty Selection
New Game Plus
Triple Triad Card Game
RTP Independent

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Re: Tears of Revenge

Looks really cool!
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Re: Tears of Revenge

Nice! I'll definitely play this sometime!
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