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Donkey Kong

Created by 1ce

Score: 9.5/10

Nearly a decade ago, in the year 2000, RPG Maker for the PlayStation was released. Even though its age has shown, somehow this little maker keeps plodding along with new releases. I believe it comes from the versatility of this game, a mix of workability and clarity that both RPG Maker 2 and 3 were missing. Thus, even with two much stronger entries on the PlayStation 2, and with the release of systems much newer and stronger than that, still RPG Maker is given the most attention.

Another reason, I think, that RPG Maker is still around is true old-school 2D goodness. It is a challenge yet possible to emulate games from the earliest years of gaming itself. And so throw in Donkey Kong, a remake of an old and beloved game, by creator 1ce of Quixotic. This gem follows the lines of other RPG Maker remakes such as Pac-Man, Bomberman, Tetris (though this is RPG Maker 2), and others I'm forgetting probably.

Donkey Kong has still been recreated in all its (almost) glory. The limitations of the system still stick out like a sore thumb. Yet Donkey Kong transcends these to become a must play for those that still feel the need to stick that shiny red disc into the PlayStation.

Graphical Presentation - 10/10

Graphics in RPG Maker are difficult to make impressive, especially now so many years later when all its potential has seemingly been milked dry. Though this may be true, Donkey Kong still has its share of old nostalgia visuals, though few they be.

You have a very faithful recreation of Jumpman, a splendid screenshot, and a figure for the credits (you can view the credits any time after you complete the game at least once). Other than that, no visuals were given. I have not deducted points though I must say that I am disappointed that neither Kong nor Pauline were given their own sprites. Not game breaking, just disappointing.

So you have the average RPG Maker Simian Chump walking back and forth at the top instead of our stomping mad chimp. But oh well, you can't have everything I suppose.

The Gameplay - 10/10

This is RPG Maker we are talking about. To recreate the gameplay of Donkey Kong to the tee would not only be near impossible, but getting near that would require too much memory to boot. Thus, the gameplay is not your typical Donkey Kong fare. Jumpman can only jump at certain spots, and naturally you have no control of him mid-flight. The barrels, as well as other assorted household appliances, move back and forth with no help from Kong.

The only real downside is that this game is too easy even on the hardest of difficulties, thanks to the inability of RPG Maker to let events activate themselves. So instead Donkey Kong is a waiting game rather than one of strategy and quick reflexes. I am reminded of Dave Carter's game, Nano-Bot: Neo-Tokyo Virus Hunter, who also suffered from this.

Do I fault 1ce for any of these? Obviously not, just look at the score. Instead I admire the ability to work with the medium to give us not the original but an incredible simulation. A game that manages to be its own thing while paying homage to one of the great games of the past, and being damned fun to boot.

However, before I wrap this section up, I would like to extend my appreciation to 1ce for the subtle things in Donkey Kong. For one, more things than just the difficulty are altered in the three gameplay modes. And lest me forget to mention the bragging-rights-only point system that is as nice as it is pointless.

The Bug Factor - 9.5/10

For the most part, this game is flawless. This is really the only area that I have given a less than perfect score too. Which is a shame really, as I have found the flaw in writing- not the actual gameplay. I have completed the entirety of Donkey Kong and I have never found any game-related bug to report.

The deduction is, as I've said, from the writing. The speech given to the player for purposes of story and tutorial or only slightly derailed by the occasional spelling error. Aside from this insignificant blemish, this game has everything going for it.

Final Determination - 9.5/10

Donkey Kong is quick, fun, and a great throwback to the previous generations of videogames. Just like Baby Bear's porridge, it's not the best or the worst- its just right.
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