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Re: Unofficially Official What are you Playing

Just bought Fate/Extella for my Nintendo Switch and it's good! Pretty good game! It's a mixture of a hack and slash "Warriors" like game (similar to Dynasty Warriors, and Samurai Warriors), and a visual novel. The story is good, and I like the gameplay. There's only 16 playable characters (I wish there were more). There are 4 Main Stories (called Story Arcs). The names of these are the Flame Poem Arc, Orchid Words Arc, Dawn Arc, and Golden Poem Arc. You only start off with the Flame Poem Arc (the main character of this Story Arc is Nero) which is 6 chapters long, and serves as a tutorial to the game for beginners. After beating the Flame Poem Arc you unlock the Orchid Words Arc (the main character of this Story Arc is Tamamo) which is 6 chapters long. After beating the Orchid Words Arc you unlock the Dawn Arc (the main character of this Story Arc is Alters) which is 9 chapters long. After beating the Dawn Arc you unlock the Golden Poem Arc (I don't know who the main character is for this Story Arc) which is 7 chapters long, and serves as the ending/finale for Fate/Extella. Even after beating the Main Stories there is actually still more that you can do. There are 13 different Side Stories which are 3 chapters long for each. The Side Stories are unlocked by meeting certain conditions. This game originally came out for the PS4, and PSVITA but has now been ported over to the Nintendo Switch. This game serves as a sequel to a game called Fate/Extra which came out for the PSP.
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