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Re: Village Of The Damned (PLUS: Contest!)

If you are interested in a walkthrough, here it is. Beware, there be spoilers ahead.

-at the game's start, talk to the old man in the northwestern corner. Ask him of each of the topics once, and a scene follows. After, ask him any of the new topics in any order, as they have no additional effects. Also, follow his advice on talking to other folks. He is your only ally. Unless you want to see the "burn the nonbeliever" death scene :-) Grab the compass from the dresser and head to the house south of the old man

-talk to the man if you want. He gives a clue about the cave. In the basement is the lantern.

-head across the street. Talk to the kid or the adult if you want (the adult mentions her husband. He appears much later, and he was the driver from the opening to "Castle Of Mordek". Also, the line "only the dead know the truth" is a clue to tell the truth to the specter in the crematory). Read the book. The only spell that isnt an instant death is "reflect". Select it.

-now that you have all three items that get the lighthouse parts, pick either the cave, the woods, or the mayor's house. The order we will do will be cave, mayor's house, then woods.

-in the cave, simply follow the path. Without the lantern, the second cave would just result in walter dying in a dark cave. In the second cave area, wander around until you find the clue and the bulb.

-in the mayor's house, walk north. The reflect spell will keep you safe from the mayor's stone spell. His statue serves no purpose. It was put there because i thought it was fun to push that jerk around. Head up stairs.

-the spell book is on top of the book case. To get it, step onto the footstool next to the bed. Then step onto the table. Then step onto the wall itself. Walk counter-clockwise until you reach the book. The book serves no actual purpose, and there is a nasty bug involved with it (read above on how to avoid/fix it). Picking it up raises the ending variable by 1.

-continue through the cemetery into the crypt and follow it all the way to the crematory (that's what that last room past the catacombs is supposed to be). Grab the red vase of fuel (it's a gas powered lighthouse apparently. Isnt that how they work?). On the way out, a specter appears. If you answer "praise mordek" (or whatever it is), the death music plays and the cemetery will fill with zombies. This is the only time in either games where the player has control during the death music. Touch a zombie and you will become one too! If you say "mordek is evil", the ending variable is raised by one and a cut scene follows.

NOW, if you head to the clearing behind the southwest house, there will be a set of stairs. This leads to a highly amusing easter egg cut scene that slightly effects the ending. Having the bulb and the fuel items makes the stairs appear.

-head to the woods (west side, just north of the beach). In the woods, the camera is fixed and randomly reorients at every teleport event. Also, 4 or 5 wrong turns and the orcs find you. If you have the compass, a block appears that always points north. Head north, east, west, south (remember the good NEWS... Get it?) and that will take you to the lighthouse technician's house. Or what was left of it.

-inside, pull the rug to reveal stairs. In the basement, read the diary for some good backstory (the little girl from the southwest tower in "Castle Of Mordek" is the daughter of the lighthouse man. The lighthouse man was the specter from the cemetery). The mirror is ahead.

NOW, if you have any interest in seeing any missed death scenes, Resettingway is now at that same clearing that the secret stairs were located. He will reset all of the death scene flags so you can see them. That also means that if you want to revisit the cemetery, you will have to relearn the reflect spell to get passed the mayor. Sorry, that couldn't have been avoided.

-head to the lighthouse now. Head up to floor three and push all three blocks down the hole. Head to floor one and push the numbered blocks into the contraption to correspond to the clue found in the cave. Every block pushed into place should make a "blip" noise. If it doesn't, let not your heart be troubled. There is an errant variable somewhere. I don't know what causes it. The death scene will reset everything just right though. So just do it again.

Walk out and enjoy the ending! If the ending variable is 0, you get the bad ending. If it is 1, you get the fair ending. If it is 2, you get the best ending. The book and the specter are the two axles on which this hinges. Doing one only gets the fair ending, and doing both gets the best. If you found the easter egg, there is a small little cut scene where walter finds the fish. The stuff of legends.

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