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Village Of The Damned

The long awaited sequel to the Pavilion Boards blockbuster hit, Castle Of Mordek! (OK, maybe not so much)

Walter happens upon a village on the way home that has a strange obsession with Mordek, the demon that Walter just defeated. You don't think they'd be mad about that... do you?

In this brief adventure game, guide the character through the village, find out who is on your side and try to blend in with those who are not! Gameplay has not changed much since 'Castle Of Mordek'. There is no combat to speak of, so attributes and such are irrelevant (though there is a magic spell, but that is still treated as another item). Items are used automatically when you are at the appropriate place.

Estimated game time: Knowing where everything is, skipping all of the dialogue, I am able to speed through this game in 10-30 minutes depending on if I use Resettingway (yes, he HAS returned!) I am hoping that exploration for new players will provide more time.

A brief game with a (I think) richer backstory, more characters, more details on existing characters, and 3 different endings depending on how you play!

EDIT: found a couple of bug. Not too big.
-when you grab the spellbook from the mayor's house on the second floor, ONLY PICK IT UP ONCE. When you get it, it advances an important variable by one. If you want to fix it, go to the script "mayor's book" and add "mayor's book flag on" to it. Fixes it. Password is u, u, d, d, l, r, l, r.
-the old man's dialogue script. Read each entry from top to bottom. I guess i didnt script it as well as i though i did. If you dont do that, it wont trigger an event where he gives you a vital clue (as well as the plot of the game)
-the lighthouse. If you put in the right combo and it still triggers a death sequence, do it a second time. The death scene resets the variable so it WILL work the second time. You will know it is not working when you push a block into place and it doesnt make a "blip" sound.

Other than that, i hope you guys have enjoyed it!
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