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Miniature Mayhem Review

In Miniature Mayhem, Dragaron brings an arcade-style action game to his RPG Maker 2 audience. It is a very neat concept for a game. You are a little blue character trying to shrink monsters and catch them. It comes complete with customizable music and the ability to change the camera angle and distance as you like.

Gameplay: You start out in level 1 with 30 bombs and 20 traps. There is one monster that you must trap. In order to trap the monster you must shrink it by having it pass over a trap or be near an exploding bomb. You then proceed on to further levels that contain more monsters. As you proceed, you will be given more bombs to use, and if you get far enough, you will get a special potion used to revive your life hearts. (I played it at least 25 times, and the furthest I got was level 4.)

Design: You can tell that Dragaron took the time to think through making a neat-looking original action game. He created a power/life bar at the top of the screen (a row of hearts that deplete as you lose life). There is a bomb counter and a trap counter as well. Dragaron assigned many different functions to the PS2 controller buttons. One of my favorite features is that the R2 button brings up "positive reinforcers/motivational messages."

Recommendations: Be careful because if you try to trap a monster if it has not been "stunned" you receive damage. Also, you cannot be near an exploding bomb or you will get hurt as well. Surprisingly if you are near a monster or even touched my a monster, there is no harm to you at all. I would recommend trying to steer the monsters towards the corners where you can then set your traps and bombs.

Do not use up your traps too early because in the first four levels, they are not replenished at all. Use them sparingly and carefully. You will have plenty of bombs to use as you go through the game.

Bugs: If you decide to restart the game before dying in the game you are playing, you have no traps at restart. You will have to quit the game and then start again in order to get a complete supply of bombs and traps.

If you run out of bombs and traps, there is nothing to do but to reset the game or purposefully kill yourself. Maybe that's not technically a bug, but it was a bit frustrating.

My score for this game is a 7/10. Great idea. Loved all of the little extras. Frustrating at times. I recommend that you download this game just to check it out for yourself.
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