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Re: Extravaganzicon Contest Results

thetruecoolness' Extravaganzicon Contest Reviews - RPG Maker 1

Omegablade Saga

LAYOUT - 4/10

The layout for most of the towns was pretty standard but it fit the game. Though the casino in the main town seemed a little out of place. All of the towns are merely there to make the story go forward. The burning town was done pretty nicely, but really each place was basically a town and then one or two dungeons you had to complete before going to the next town.

The dungeons themselves were pretty decent, though still you could tell they were made with an RPG Maker. In some of the dungeons you had to find certain walls that you could go through to get the treasure, which broke any suspension of disbelief. You didnít break the wall to go through it, you just completely break physics and walk right through. Also a couple of the dungeons were pretty bad, as the treasury looked like a jail/dungeon, the ice dungeon had random open places with no point whatsoever, and on one of the later dungeons is a mine which the bottom floor inexplicably has a futuristic setting.

So though it was pretty innovative that he choose to use the dungeon editor to make his map, the drawings were clumsy, and though you could roam around, you pretty much went in a set path. All in all pretty generic layout.

PLOT - 2/10

Where to start with this one. Well lets see, the story starts out as you, a normal teenager, being asked by your dad to go out on a random quest for some random sword of lore. So of course you happily agree, because you have nothing else better to do. So then you meet up with your wild friend, whoís mom is a whore (classic), and your friend has an odd affinity with the word S***. Next you do like every other good main character in an RPG and go befriend a priestess and a wizard. So lets see we have a Warrior, Thief, Priestess, and Wizard, if thatís not clichť I donít know what is these days. Of course they all live in the same town (what are the odds, Iíd say about 1 to 1).

Black magic is of course called sorcery and white magic creation. Then you find out your friend Bobby, the one who loves the word S***, later on is magically able to pick locks (guess his mom taught him escaping from random guys houses so their wives didnít find out, but the story never tells you).

Now youíre thinking maybe the story gets better. Well Iím here to tell you it does, and how. Get this, your nemesis, the antagonist of the game, is Ö Lady Evil. Where does she live? In Castle Evil of course. So for those keeping score at home thatís probably RPG Clichť 158. And if you think thatís good wait till then end. I wonít spoil it for you but lets say itís downhill from here, cliches abound. The secret end isn't all that special, but it is better than the normal one.


The casino was pretty cool, though you couldnít actually do much besides just choosing text options. It did have a working slot machine, roulette and guess which cup the ball is under game. Other than that and having the world map made in the dungeon editor not much else here. Though the game does feature an interesting level up system by making plants stronger by seeds and then harvesting them with herbs to power up your characters stats, this totally threw off the balance (I'll get to that in a bit). It also has a plus game, for what thatís worth.

POLISH - 5/10

Probably the best area for this game, though thatís not saying much. It was nice how you could interact with almost every item on the game. It got annoying at times, but shows some effort was put into making it.

Now for the bad news. The balance of this game is almost non existent. I went through the whole game on auto battle and was never even close to scared of dying. That is until I hit the final 2 of 5 end bosses. You have to fight these alone, with the main character, and he has an attack that will do 1700 to you. So even after taking full advantage of the uber leveling offered in this game (basically enemies drop lots of an item which you can use to permanently up one of your stats, and you can get these easily in the casino [for those wanting to make a game, donít ever do this]) it still took me a few tries and some more focusing on just that character to beat him. Before that, without magic enemies would do from around 0-2 HP of damage. This includes the first form of this guy.

The game also had a few major bugs. On involved going back into to speak to the king after the first time you did. If you did this you would get stuck and not be able to get back, so you had to restart. The teleports only transport you between the town your in and the first town (probably not a bug, but they should have worked for all towns). Also the forest event will start again if you go back in to the forest.

FUN - 2/10

Are you kidding. When the first urge you have is to put on auto battle on a game, you know thatís bad news. When the second urge is to get through the dialog as fast as you can, you have a worst game ever candidate (well for projects that can be considered a game, this is a full game, I'll give it that). Also the total lack of any balance in the game just kills it. Goes from laughably easy, to almost FF Weapon level on the last two bosses.

So though this had a plus game, I wasnít going to bother because it was so boring the first time.

OVERALL - 16/50

So though the game shows some effort, it falls through on so many occasions. Lack luster and clichť story paired with widely unbalanced gameplay, and the desire to autobattle through all the random battles makes you wonder why they are there at all. So though it had a few good moments those are quickly overshadowed by all the boring and monotonous ones in-between. This game just lacked any real kind of professional touch to it, as besides FF7 I havenít seen the word S*** used so much by one character. So in the end this is a pretty terrible game, and I wouldnít recommend it to anyone, unless you just got about 8 hours to waste.

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