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Re: Extravaganzicon Contest Results

thetruecoolness' Extravaganzicon Contest Reviews - RPG Maker 1

Untraditional! - Winner for RPG Maker 1

LAYOUT - 7/10

All the towns look very expansive in this game, however you will be disappointed if you think they serve any function, besides in Pennsylvania. Basically it's just a bunch of buildings scattered around, so it looks nice, but serves no real function. It's a pretty good simplification of North America, which it is meant to parody. However each town is just there to serve as a plot point so the layout is very linear.

The dungeons however were well done. Very nice puzzles await you in a lot of them, and most of them are not just places to just walk through and fight monsters.

PLOT - 7/10

The premise is pretty different for an RPG, and RPG parodying RPG cliches. So that means of course the story is pretty cliche itself but it's meant to be and you can see that through the dialog and meta-conversations in the game. If it held itself seriously, this game would be getting a much lower score for plot, but in this case it does work.

The writing itself is pretty brilliant throughout and will have you laughing most of the way. Some of the jokes do fall flat but for the most part they are classic. With meowing babies, trolleys and random pop culture references, it's like Family Guy, old Family Guy. Like Family Guy it's pretty hit or miss though.

So though the plot itself is pretty weak the writing makes up for it, and the fact it's parodying itself.


There is pretty great use of the music in the game and changing of the tempo and dropping it out to create cheesy dramatic moments. This game also has minigames galore. With many of them you ask yourself, "This was made with RPG Maker 1?" You have basketball, modern working trolleys, and even a platformer minigame. Then the puzzles in the game are pretty creative and very well done.

So it's obvious in this game he used the maker to it's fully potential. The custom art was also very well done, from having a Mig jet as a airship to Osama Bin Laden, and George W Bush. Then the concept and writing is great. Also the escaping from jail puzzle was very well thought out, not something you expect in even a low budget commercial RPG.

POLISH - 6/10

So as stated above the game looks very well layed out and looks very professional throughout. From very large cities, working casino games, and lots of other extras to add that finishing touch to the game.

However the game suffers from lots of bugs. Most of them not showstopper level, but there are a few of those as well. Going back to the Mig fixers house can result in you having to reset the game as you get stuck in it. Then about 50% of the story events can be restarted, forcing you to complete them again before moving on. So any adventurous or curious player will end up doing most story events twice.

So while this game is so good in many areas, the amount of bugs and ability to restart so many story events really drags this category down for this game.

FUN - 7/10

As I've mentioned the story is very funny and entertaining to read. The highly varied gameplay also adds a lot to the fun of this game. It's just a blast to play, though the battles are pretty easy and you'll likely switch to auto battle around halfway through the game (or maybe even earlier).

So it's really fun to play, right up to when you get to the end board. I would venture over 75% of people will refuse to beat this portion. Mainly because for no reason it has a quiz of 30 questions (yes 30) of random things about the game that you've played. Not only is it pretty ludicrous to believe that people would pay attention and remember such remote and mundane things, some don't deal with the game but pop culture references, and getting any one of them wrong forces you to do the whole thing over, which also includes 6 puzzles in the dungeon before the quiz. To say me doing this 20 times is annoying is an understatement (I think I missed around 8 questions, but each one has 3 answers, and if you have to just guess you could get it wrong 2 times per question). So while it may seem petty, I guarantee at least 75% of people would just deem it not worth it to keep going at this point. So this is the reason for the docking of points. Mainly because a lot of the questions you can't even make an educated guess on as some of the answers are pretty much the same exact thing (was it A Lady, Lady, or The Lady). Getting through that was torture.

But everything up to that was great and fun, but man, after missing it 10 times I was ready to quit and really wanted to. If it weren't for the contest I would not have beaten this game. I know end boards are hard, but at least most involved more than just luck to get through. 30 questions was way too many, plus some were just the most inane things, that no one would remember.

OVERALL - 37/50

This game is a really fun parody of a standard RPG while still offering very varied gameplay to keep things interesting. While the plot is bad, it is on purpose and the game is constantly poking fun at itself. This game could have been really good if it just ended before the final castle, and it wasn't so buggy, and you were only able to do story events once. So it's a good game, but these very major eyesores keep it from being a great game.

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