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H2SO4 10-18-2006 08:27 PM

A Remedy
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Chaos has erupted between the three island nations of Arsius, Ulinia, and Mandon. Arsius, the country which volunteered to research a mysterious ruin on a small island in Mandon, openly attacked Mandon and claimed the ruin as their own. Having no army, Mandon was forced to surrender. Ulinia, a country specializing in magic warfare, rushed to Mandon's aid and attacked Arsian forces occupying the island.

Colonel Emson, a high ranking military official in the Arsian army, has been charged with defending the mysterious ruin from enemy forces. But he can't help but wonder why his country would turn on it's most trusted allies for seemingly no reason. What lies deep in the ruin that holds such importance to the Arsian Throne? In the midst of a full-scale attack on the ruin by Ulinian forces, the colonel seeks to find the truth he was never told...

-The first leg of the epic RPG saga has finally been released!
-Set 14 years before the events of A Remedy - Episode I (set for release in November/December)
-Learn more about the myserious events that led up to the invasion of the disease known only as the "Aerostigma"

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