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Valkysas 06-23-2006 01:43 PM

RPG Maker Information

Game Title: RPG Maker
Platform: PlayStation
Release: September 18, 2000 (US), November 27, 1997 (JP)

First RPG Maker title released in the US
Easy to use creation tool
Anime Maker allows for quick creation of custom graphics

68 Character Graphics
99 Monster Graphics
30 Magic Graphics
35 Music Tracks
78 Sound Effects
251 Field map graphics

Sample Data:
247 Sample Dungeon Maps

Japanese title is RPG Tsukuru 3.
Would have been RPG Tsukuru 4 if not for enterbrain's developers being too busy to assist with the localization of it.
Although not accessible through the RPG Maker software, there are tilesets for most of the sample dungeons on the disc.
Contains "hidden" character and monster graphics which can be loaded through Anime Maker.

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