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Valkysas 01-10-2006 09:49 PM

RPG Maker 3 Information

Game Title: RPG Maker 3
Platform: PlayStation 2
Release: September 20, 2005 (US), December 16, 2004 (JP)

Simple game creation engine
Keyboard support
Full 3D game creation
Character models can be used as enemies

54 Character Models
48 Enemy Models
65 Item Models
68 Weapon Models
11 Town Types with multiple variations of each

Japanese title is RPG Tsukuru. There is no number, as this is not part of the ongoing RPG Tsukuru series.
The simple game design engine is a result of complaints about RPG Maker 2's complexity.
While the game attempts to limit certain character models to only using certain weapon types, it is easily tricked into allowing anyone to use anything.

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