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YesterdaysMoose 02-03-2017 11:34 AM

Defenders Of Light: The Three Worlds (Demo 2017)
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(DEMO 2017)

1000 Year of peace have reigned on The Three Worlds...
New Defenders Of Light have been selected...
Unfortunately, the evil Sorceress Haida has plotted revenge!
With cruel magic, the Light has fallen and the people corrupted...
Reclaim the Light Of The Three Worlds and defeat Sorceress Haida!

  • Open World Design
  • Collect-A-Thon
  • Interactive Instructions
  • Cinematic Introduction Cutscene
  • 6 Playable Characters
  • Character Specific Abilities
  • Stylized Character Select Screen
  • Custom In-Game Menus
  • 4 Playable Areas
  • 12 Mini Games
  • Boss Challenge
  • Mini Game Win Counter
  • Retry (Lose) Counter
  • Vibrationated Game Play! (Rumble Support)

Thank you for your support and enjoy the Demo!

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