How to submit games to the RPG Maker Pavilion - Updated 3/5/2014

1. Select the forum that supports your submission

2. Select "New Thread".

3. For the "Title", put your game's title. ONLY your game's title.

4. In the "Message" field, describe your game's story, features, and any other information you believe is relevant.

5. If your game is a console RPG Maker game or demo, you're able to upload it directly to the site. If it's a PC RPG Maker game or demo, you'll have to upload it elsewhere and link to it here. If uploading a console game, under "Additional Options", there is an option for "Attach Files". Select "manage attachments". If you're submitting a PC RPG Maker game, you can still upload screenshots.

6. Click browse to find the game file on your computer, and click "Upload". all files MUST be zipped. You're able to upload ten attachments to your submission post. The ideal way to use these is to use one attachment for the game console's native format (dex drive or max drive), a second for a PS3 format save file, and the remaining slots for screenshots or other extra material you want to accompany your game.

7. If you need to update your game, simply edit it's submission post at any time. You can check the site's game directory to see how your game will appear in the listings after each edit. Try to make it fit in with the rest. No huge or colorful text, no images posted in the top of the post that appears in the directory, just general things like that.

8. Only one submission thread per game, unless the differences between the versions are drastic enough that it warrants having multiple versions available, such as a director's cut, or an alternate version with different features.

9. If you have a converted file for someone else's game, please post that in the conversions subforum at the bottom of the submission subforum listing.

10. Everything posted in the submission forums appears immediately on the site, so don't make a post without having your game ready to go up with it. These will be deleted on-sight by the staff.

Thank you for supporting the RPG Maker Pavilion!
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Roseanne's Adventure: Contest Edition

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  • Roseanne's Adventure: Contest Edition

    Vis fof Victory! XD

    While cleaning up at the local arcade late at night, Roseanne hears a lot BANG from the corner of the store. To her shock she finds her friend and classmate Josh slumped over one of the machines. As she grabs his shoulder to shake him awake, she also gets a near-fatal shock. Whoops. In a similar case to Josh though, she still has a heartbeat, so the Grim Reaper can't collect his bounty. So just like before, Roseanne must brave the Grim Reaper's levels to prevent her soul from going to heck!

    The contest edition differs from the vanilla edition seen on Dray's stream and my channel mostly from bug fixes. The final third of I-2 works correctly now, the electric cable above Roseanne in F-2 lights up now, as well as a couple other minor fixes, spellchecking, and additional dialogue.

    This is my entry for the Something Unoriginal 2018 contest.

    -Two worlds featuring brain busting action.
    -Two new bosses to keep you laughing.
    -An all new Report Card feature that rewards good play with points to unlock these two extras:
    -Roseanne's Rushdown, an exciting quick minigame.
    -Gobli Golf, tee off for fun golf alone or with a friend in two player mode.
    -Then relax at the Chill Voyage Bar where you can play extra levels and find some old friends.

    Download here. Download now:
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    Bump, since nobody saw this when the site was down. Welcome back Pav.