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RPG Maker 1 Tip - Cure Paralysis With Item

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  • RPG Maker 1 Tip - Cure Paralysis With Item

    The "Cure Paralysis" item effect, by default, doesn't work right. Whoever programmed it goofed, and set the item to work as "Cure Petrify" outside of battle.
    This means that, during battle, Paralysis can be cured by "Cure Paralysis Item" or "Cure All Item", while in the field, you have to used "Cure Petrify Item" or "Cure All Item".

    However, this can be fixed!
    Instead of giving the item a "Cure - Paralysis" effect, what you need to do is:

    1) Go to the Magic editor, and create a "Cure - Paralysis" spell
    2) Go to the Item editor, and create a "Magic" item
    3) Attach the magic spell to the item

    And there you go. You now have a Cure Paralysis item that actually works correctly outside of battle.
    The only difference is, the item's description, assuming you have it displayed, will be "Single: Cure Paralysis" instead of just "Cure Paralysis". But that's not really a problem.