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RPG Maker 1 - All Weapon Animations

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  • RPG Maker 1 - All Weapon Animations

    Because there is no way to preview the weapon animations in RM1's editor, the only way to see what these look like is to create a weapon, give it to a party member, and use it in Test Play.
    For convenience, I decided to create a video showcasing what they all look like.

    I don't know if anyone other than me will be actively using RM1, but here you go.

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    That's good if anyone needs it. I think that there's a lot of people that still use RM1. I'm pretty sure my friend, Brightness, still uses it. I haven't used RPG Maker (a.k.a. RPG Tsukuru 3 in Japan) in awhile. Last time I used it was back in August 2019, on a PS1 (PlayStation) emulator. I mainly use RPG Maker FES (a.k.a. RPG Tsukuru FES) on my 2DS. I'm still kind of trying to figure out how RPG Maker 2 (a.k.a. RPG Tsukuru 5) on my PS2 (PlayStation 2) works. It's pretty advanced but very difficult. Thankfully, Leonomai's tutorials have been very helpful.
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