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  • Silly Hill

    The horrible Silent Hill enemy countdown has come to an end. I thought it would be a fun way to share my intentions with the pavilion's SH fans... but some people were confused.

    Back in the old topic, I mentioned I would start drawing these again after I moved. I decided to give them a proper name* this time (not that it really matters). I also thought it would be fun to have a bizarre art contest.

    Check out the GARBAGE ART contest thread!
    There are free t-shirts... and stuff. STUFF.

    The original topic started out as a joke, since I'd messed around with a suggested UFO ending for SH4.

    Here is where the problem began: ZAP!

    I don't normally work on three panel strips, so I thought it would be fun and
    challenging to try and come up with a few for the first silent hill game, since it gets hardly any "fan art" love.

    I decided to draw them in MS paint, since it's easier to color that way and the colors tend to look better.

    This is the first one I tried.
    Harry Mason, sharpshooter.

    Since they were littered throughout the topic last time, I'll post links to the ones I still think are somewhat amusing.


    Get up and KILL!

    I KNEW it...


    *collision noise*



    Then people said "uh, yeah... these are cute and all... but we want SILENT HILL 2 cartoons." I had avoided that one because it seemed too easy, and it's considered to be the most popular one. After I started working on these, it turned out they were usually the easiest to write/draw.



    Best Friends~
    This is one of my personal favorites, simply because I adore the second panel. That image was the basis for the rest of the strip. It turned out almost exactly as I envisioned it.

    This one is another favorite, because you could remove the dialogue and it would still be just as effective.

    Gray said he liked this one, but I still think it looks wonky. I do like the idea that Dingus taught PH how to play poker in a matter of minutes.

    I <3 SFX (and cartoony violence)

    Ruining famous scenes part XXVII


    This time, I'd like to try for around 20 or so... but don't hold me to that. I'll try to post one at least every other week, for a while. As I move back into my own projects (and take on more hours at my regular job), I'll be working on these less and less. Let me know what you think.

    After I'm done with these, I plan on working on another three panel strip about riding the bus. It may never see the light of day.

    I'll post the new ones here in a few minutes.

    *Jester tossed out the name "silly hill" back in the old topic. He said it was alright if I used it. THANKS!
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    Eat Smello.

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    Re: Silly Hill

    this is your big surprise??

    *takes party hat off*

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      Re: Silly Hill

      Heh, put up the countdown pics, too!


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        Re: Silly Hill

        Alright! My cat just puked all over my carpet and some art! Gimme a sec.
        Eat Smello.


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          Re: Silly Hill

          I WAS RIGHT

          But awesome. I love those strips to this day.


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            Re: Silly Hill

            I'll start off by saying that I never knew that PH had a tongue... until the other day when I saw this random youtube video:
            The guy was just messing around, but I thought it was funny (and informative).

            I have a strip on the way that makes light of this new discovery. Get your mind out of the gutter, it's nothing naughty.

            Anyway, here are some new strips.

            I don't know why I made this one bigger than the rest. The art's not any better.

            I'll post another one in the next few days (it's one of my favorites). I have some more for SH1 and SH4 on the way.

            And just for fun:
            SD CLOSER

            I never got around to finishing this, but I think it's a funny idea. Maybe some day I'll finish the inks and color it.
            Eat Smello.


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              Re: Silly Hill

              Closer-chan~~~~ n__n


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                Re: Silly Hill

                Heh, put up the countdown pics, too!
                Well... okay. But they were all just throw away pieces. Except the wormhead (#3), I actually like that one a lot.
                Eat Smello.


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                  Re: Silly Hill

                  The comics are back, my happiness knows no bounds.
                  Ryner's Games

                  Simple Man's Quest for the Playground* - Winner: Pavilionite Biography Contest - Click Here!

                  Monster Must Die - Winner: Halloween Horror Contest - Click Here!

                  All you need to play is a computer, no outside program necessary!


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                    Re: Silly Hill

                    I never knew that the SH 4 ending topic was about comics because it was called SH 4 Endings. It should've been about that. I never looked at it. Not once. These are the first time I've seen these and they made me laugh.

                    Out loud.

                    I'd give you some rep if you didn't already own it all, Nix.


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                      Re: Silly Hill

                      I'm sorry the title was misleading... this all started out as a one-note gag. Then everyone seemed to think it was funny, so I made a few more and just kept them all in that same topic. I'm glad you finally found them.

                      Here is another one for SH2. This cartoon can be summed up in one word:
                      Eat Smello.


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                        Re: Silly Hill

                        THAT'LL LEARN YA!

                        besides, some of the comics could rightly be called spoilers, so it was probably for the best.

                        but whatever! hilarious!


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                          Re: Silly Hill

                          you never cease to amaze me, amy.
                          i love your devotion and talents.


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                            Re: Silly Hill

                            How come I've only seen like 2 of these before!! I love them all Amy... your art style is so polished yet... cartoony! Of course I knew that already but fun new Silent Hill comics are a good surprise

                            I especially love "Why does every monster in this town have a butt!?"


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                              Re: Silly Hill

                              I'm so glad to see the SH comics return. You haven't gained any rust at all, Nixon.
                              I had to change accounts. I'm here now -