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    Re: Phantasy Star Online!

    I spent the last weekend on a fan server playing the original PSO on this server that let you adjust the drop rate by doing some quests.

    Main game loop is mostly outdated these days, but man the bosses after the dragon all hold up really well. Del Ro Le is better than most bosses from games today still.


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      Here we are four years later and this is still the last topic of my beloved Bush forms. I'm so glad I can still come here and see it. So PSO 2 is out in North America. Someone come join me, Thief of Dream, Jspaceman, and many (few) more!


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        Wow! This game looks really cool! The only Phantasy Star games I've played were the Phantasy Star Collection on a GBA (Game Boy Advance) emulator, Phantasy Star IV on a Sega Genesis emulator, and Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II on the GameCube. I remember when me, my younger brother, and my younger sister would play local multiplayer on Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II a lot. It's been a long time since I played on the GameCube.
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          If you have nostalgia for those GameCube versions than this game might be worth checking out. It's totally free and you don't have to spend any cash to get a full experience.


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            It is unfortunate that Yam isn't even here on this forum anymore to see this post.
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