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    "The past is absolute, but we all hold the power to change the future."

    Name of Game: Veil of Corruption (VoC)
    Name of Creator: Lausen
    System: RPG Maker 1
    Genre: Epic RPG
    Rating: Mature

    I know this is a LOT of Text. This game is still very much in the planning stages and probably won't hit the creation stage for a while. I don't want to make the same mistake I made with my last game. I want everything planned so I know exactly where the game is going when RPGM1 is on. I will be reusing some stuff from my cancelled game "Mirage of Destiny." This story is much darker and complex than anything I have tried so it's really hard for me to describe it without giving a fair amount of the plot away. So at the end of this post I'm going to give you how the game starts and ends. That will make this other info much easier to understand.(kinda) I'll put it in a spoiler tag. NOTHING is set in stone. I'm very open to change and would really like to hear your opinions. Navane has been really helpful and is helping me brainstorm ideas. If it has to do with the parts marked as spoilers be sure to spoiler tag them yourself or PM me.


    The 6 Scions and Val' Gaia:
    Val' Gaia, The Omega and Absolute: In the game he is the god the people worship. He created the 6 Scions to create, maintain, and exterminate life on Hyboria. However his vison didn't go as expected. Instead of working together the Scions warred against each other for dominance of the planet. In the end they destroy the thing they fight for and so Zodiark, Scion of Time reverses time and they start the war anew, each time with the same outcome. Displeased with his creations Val' Gaia seals them on Hyboria. The Scions power still flow from their "cages" creating the perfect balance for life on Hyboria as Val' Gaia first envisioned. The places where the Scions are trapped are now shrines in which humans worship. This story is the basis for religion in the game and the humans pray to Val' Gaia and his 6. They believe the imperfections in the Scions (The reasons they battled each other.) are a representation of the flaws in everything. Only one can be perfect, the creator of their world, Val' Gaia, The Omega and Absolute.

    Zodiark, Keeper of Time: The most powerful of the Scions. He controls and maintains the planets timeline. The very perception of time would be lost without him. Zodiark can rewind and fast-forward time at will.

    Abraxos, Warden of Souls: Scion of the afterlife. He traffics all souls to their hearing with Val' Gaia. If a soul is deemed worthy they are granted passage to Valhaven where they wil spend eternity in perfect bliss at the side of the omega. Those that did evil in life are sent to Valhollow and become Bahamut's plaything. They are tortured and beating until they are reincarnated as a fiend that reflects the evil they were in life. (This is the explanation for the monsters in the game.)

    Theon, Governor of Life: The father Scion. He is the protector of all organisms and maintains the perception of freewill. Theon is the originator of individuality. He loves every living being for what they are, and never forces order of conformity.

    Typhress, The Windcrafter: The Scion of weather and air. He generates all the wind and storms on the planet. He is the wall that protects Hyboria from the pressures of space. Without him life woud lift to the stars.

    Roidac, Bringer of Infernos: The Scion of the sun. All heat on the planet is generated by Ifrit. It is Ifrit that directs the suns rays to the planet. Without him life would freeze to death.

    Marina, Purifier of Waters: The Scion of Oceans. Shiva is the source of all water on Hyboria. Without her life and vegetation would wither away.

    Each shrine has inner and outer grounds. The outer grounds anyone is welcome to pry and give their respects. The inner grounds however, only the Mirage Clan can enter because of fear of desecration to the Scions tombs. The shrines play a significant part in the plot.

    The Mirage Clan:
    Yeah, I know, them again... The clan is made up of powerful mages that dedicated their lives to protecting the shrines of the scions.(More on the scions below.) There were many cases of people sacking the shrines and so the Mirage Clan sealed the entrances with a secial magic. Only those with Mirage blood flowing through them can open the doors to the inner shrine.

    During the Great War they decided to remain neutral to the conflict. This however did not spare them from the pain of war. Aruna, the home of the Mirage was the deciding battlefield. Nahara, Riomaza, and the first apperance of Sypherion soldiers flooded the streets of Aruna. The battle lasted several days and when Aruna's temple began taking damage some of the Mirage stepped into the fray. Sypheria took this as a sign of their betrayal and began cutting Mirage down as well. It is said not a single Mirage that was in Aruna survived the battle. Today very few remain alive. Those that are still living do what they can to conceal their identity. Draux being the war mongorer that he is has ordered any and all members of the clan be executed on sight for braking their neutral truce. Their capture offers a reward of 10000 gold.

    The Sypherion Invasion:
    For countless years before the game takes place there was a war between Riomaza and Nahara. The scale of this war was so large it was on the brink of a world war. Once both sides ran thin of supplies Sypheria stepped in and took total control. Sypherion elite ruthlessly killed the leaders of both nations and has held a firm grasp over every town, city, and village caught in the middle.

    It's been 1 year since the end of the war and yet Sypherion military pressence has not declined, If anything it's worsened. Sypheria claims little favor over the people, as the ruler of Sypheria, King Draux plans to strip the names Nahara and Riomazza from the history books by uniting as one super kingdom under his command. There is little opposition Sypheria faces now other then the occasional rebels. Draux's new stance on such matters is swift and to the point. Death. Another problem facing the citizens of the game is the conduct of the Sypherion soldiers stationed in their cities. They are getting increasingly violent. Of course this is because they have been away from home for so long even after the war ended. Still the people fear and hate Sypheria. More spicifically, Draux.

    Some scholars and religious figures believe this change is destined to happen. The people had to wait and endure the hardships of war when finally Sypheria, home of the Shrine of Zodiark struck at the perfect time. People believe Zodiark blessed the people of Sypheria and created the window of opportunity.

    Sypherion Divine Knights:
    As the name applies they were among the best warriors on the planet and played a key part in the Great War. So much so you could say they won the war for Draux. However after the war Draux, out of fear of their power ordered them to be exterminated. One faithful night the Divine Knights were led into a trap and dealt with. All but a few were killed in the attack. Among the survivors was Raydox the leader of the Divine Knights and son of the legendary Phelix Valgore. More on him later.

    The Hand of Order:
    After the fall of the Divine Knights Draux named 4 new generals to run his armies. The 4 include Phazor, The Dragon Rider, Valmorse, the Re-Animator, Roslyn Knok, The Black Rose, and Nero. Unfortunately at the beginning of the game Raydox slays Nero as a sign of things to come. The 5th member and leader is King Draux himself.


    Raydox Valgore:
    After the war Draux's true intentions became apparent to Raydox. He was used and manipulated into killing innocent people for Draux's greed. He fought to restore all nations involved, but instead he stripped the people of their nationality and helped a tyrant come into complete power. Before he could act on this Draux laid a trap and killed most of the Divine Knights so they couldn't get in his way. By some miracle a few including Raydox survived the trap. Sypherion forces hunt the survivors daily.

    All of Raydox's beliefs were buried during the trap Draux set. All sense of honor, dignaty, and mercy escaped his conscious. For the first time he saw the evil in every living being. He plans to uphold the oath he swore by. He will eradicate all evils from this planet.

    Bryce Galion: (Swords)
    He is a strong willed independent 20-year-old. He is the main character of the game and son of General Alexander Galion of Nahara. As most citizens of Hyboria he has lost a lot from the war. During Sypheria's raid on his hometown he witnessed the execution of his older sister Amy. He fought back for as long as he could, but was quickly overwhelmed. Braxen managed to save him before he shared his sisters fate. Since then Bryce has hated Sypheria with a passion. His best friend Braxen and him join a local resistance called the Soldiers of Revolution. Most of the other members talk big, but it is Bryce and Braxen that act. For now these small squabbles with the troops is enough, but the thirst for revenge still lingers in Bryce's heart. Resistance? Yes, I know cliche, but it works out pretty good at the beginning when I'm trying to set the atmoshpere of things. Plus, I have a few ideas up my sleeve to make things fresh. Both Bryce and Braxen have a personal connection with Raydox.

    Braxen Nova: (Katanas)
    He is an extremely confident 20-year-old war orphan. He tends to be a bit sarcastic and it can land him in trouble, but he couldn't care less. Braxen has the eye for the ladies. He doesn't bother sharing his problems and he won't sit and listen to someone else's. Dispite his cool exterior he is dealing with issues that he doesn't know how to handle. He is known to pick fights with bigger stronger people because he likes the violence and pain. In a sick way the pain helps him drown out his problems and fears. No. he's not emo.

    Norah Mirage: (Staffs)
    She is an innocent 19-year-old victim branded criminal due to her Mirage heritage. Norah is very shy and cautious as her capture offers a reward of 10000 gold. She has serious trust issues, as she should. Despite all the horrors she has faced she is a sweet and loving women. Her innocent and passionate personality often conflict with those around her. Being a pure blooded Mirage she is extremely religious and always find time to pray to Val' Gaia. Her dream is to finish her "Pilgrimage of the 6" and restore her fallen clan.

    Maziah Ramalin: (Scythes)
    He is a ruthless and cold blooded 32-year-old headhunter known as the Shadow Reaper. He is not one to mince words. If he has something to say it's direct and to the point. He has a tendency to put people down and doesn't show emotions. Among the party he generally stands off to the side until the fighting starts. He is currently looking to collect the price on Raydox's head and has some kind of connection to Sypheria.

    Aurox Galindor: (Axes)
    He is a dangerously loyal 38-year-old former knight of the Riomaza Kingdom. He suffers from an extreme case of split personality. In his normal state he is a noble, but hard war vetern that pledged the knights code of chivalry. When the thoughts of his past flood his mind he snaps and he becomes a ruthless machine of war. He is a tortured soul that now spends most of his days getting drunk and telling old war stories. (I'm thinking about adding another personality.)

    Kaylee Reeves: (Bows)
    She is a greatful 18-year-old girl who has gone through tragedy. She is overly self-conscious and shies away when she's afraid of how people might respond to her. This has a lot to do with her young age, but despite age she knows the harsh reality of the world all too well. When she is finally willing to open up to someone she shows her spunky over talkative side, though that is a rare occasion.

    Lucia Lyford: (Daggers)
    She is a fast-talking, sly 28-year-old con women with the eye for pricy things. You can never be sure if you're having an honest conversation with her or if she's tangling you in her web of deceptions. Her personality is constantly changing to reflect her needs and wants. Even she couldn't describe her real self. She's been buried beneath too many layers of disguises in her lifetime.


    No Random Encounters: There are no random battles is VoC. The fiends are all visible on the map. In each area there is a lot of monsters at first. Each different type of monster will react differently. Some will run at you, some away, some fast, some slow, etc... When you kill them some will permanently disappear from the map. Others will respawn every time you reenter the area. If you kill all of the permanent ones in an area you will be rewarded.

    I'm thinking of making several stages of monsters. Once you beat a boss the enemies in the previous areas will become stronger. This will eliminate tedious encounter that don't give you adequate EXP and gold.

    Special Loot: The enemies that permanently disappear have a chance of turning into a treasure chest after you kill them. These chests then will have "random" items inside. Some items will be common things while others will be rare and valuable.

    Weapon Mastery: You can earn points through battle and other means that increase your Weapon Mastery. The higer the characters WM the more perks you can get in battle. Some include the use of two hands, and being able to equip two accessories. Another idea I have for this is once you reach a high enough mastery older skills become stronger so they don't become outdated. I'll most likely create a custom menu for this.

    Cryolite: Cryolite are elemental stones that can be found throughout the game. Each Cryolite has a different attack associated with it. For example, if you select items in battle and select the Fire Cryolite it will use a basic fire attack. Doing this does yield a slight chance of the stone breaking permanently. The other option is to bring it to a weapon shop where they can forge the Cryolite to your weapons making a better one. For example if you combine a Fire Cryolite(ATK=5) with an Iron Sword with a base attack of 2 you'll get a Flametongue with a base attack of 4-6. I want to make that random, but it might take too much space. If you don't have the sword equipped you can still go under items and select the Flametongue to use a fire attack, but the damage will be less then the original Cryolite, but you won't have to worry about it breaking.

    Earning Experiance: The most common way of earning EXP is through combat, but that isn't the only way. In fact there will be multiple other ways. Dungeons will focus heavily on puzzles instead of wave after wave of monsters. Some puzzles will give EXP as a reward for completing them. Certain choices in dialogue can earn the player EXP. There will be other way to ear it outside the conventional battle system as well.

    -----<Other Info>-----

    I know in most RPG's the player can travel anywhere in the world that they choose and can freely backtrack. While in VoC I'm going to be going a different route. It's going to play a bit more like Final Fantasy 10. It will be pretty linear for the most part and once you beat an area you won't be able to go back. Of course there will be some exceptions, but in general you'll visit a place once and that'll be that. This will save a massive headache as far as switches are concerned and I'll really be able to focus on detail and quality of each area individually. It will eliminate having to worry about memory constrants too. RPG Maker 1's default world maps won't be used.

    That being said each place will be loaded with things to do and interactive objects. When you talk to NPC's in towns you will get several options to start up different conversations about different topics. The goal is to make Hyboria feel like an actual living breathing world. I want each NPC to reflect the issues that are happening in their cities. This will also really help flesh out ideas, locations, key figures, religious ideals, plot points, etc... through the people living in the world and dealing with these things. That way the player isn't getting crammed with a crap ton of info all at once in the main story. If you want to learn more about plot related stuff you can talk to the NPC's. They don't just say "Welcome to our lovely town." If you don't really care you can just keep on going.

    Another "feature" of VoC is that when you are in a town your party members will be walking around it. You can go up and talk to them to get thier personal take on what is going on. This will really help with character development and is a great way to make sure the player never gets lost or forgets what has been happening if they take a break from playing. The thing is it will say that they are still in the party in the menus, but they won't be following you around. This way you can still equip them with new gear and you don't have to wait.

    As far as the "Dungeons" go I want to give the player some choice as to how it plays out. For instance you may have the choice to sneak in a place or just bust in. How things playout will be different depending on what you pick, but it ultimatly leads to the same thing. Fighting fiends isn't the only way of getting EXP. And of course you can fight them the old fashioned way, but you can also beat them special ways without actually fighting them. Just because you didn't kill the enemy in battle doesn't mean they aren't dead so you still deserve the EXP for getting rid of them. Also I'm working on NOT making them the same stale navigate a maze fighting monsters to fight the boss formula. The game will have a lot of puzzles intergrated into the environments and dungeons. The puzzles offer their own rewards and not just another obstical in your way. I'm going to working hard on the pacing to keep things fresh.

    I know a big issue among the RPG Maker community is how to make boss fights interesting. While I've done some experimenting and think I have found some fun ways to make boss fights. Several of the boss fights will play out like interactive cutscenes. The best way to describe what I mean would be to just describe one of the boss fights I have already made. (which is just one. Still very early in production.) The party is surrounded by soldiers. The player gets to pick what soldier to attack via an overhead arrow. Once you beat a couple of them the main character notices a barrel with gun powder. Now the barrel is selectable with the arrow. You pick it and the main character shoots a fireball at it and causes an explosion killing the rest of the enemies. Sure this is a pretty common sequence in commercial games, but I've never seen it done with RPGM1. With things being interactive boss fights can be looked at and beaten in different ways adding a new element of strategy.
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    Re: Veil of Corruption

    I'd say you could just have the main character visible, and show the entire party when needed (if that's possible).
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      Re: Veil of Corruption

      It would be like most RPG's where the whole party would appear when a cutscene starts. I'm still thinking about if I'll go that route or not.


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        Re: Veil of Corruption


        No, I still haven't started the actual creation phaze. I'm still planning things out. I've been working out some key plot points and other over lining themes of the game. I still have a long way to go before everything is laid out and ready for programming.

        I'm pretty sure I'll be adding another main/playable character. I've been discussing her purpose and possible "story" with Navane and I'm really liking what we've come up with so far.

        I have another feature in mind, but I'll wait on the details for now. At least until I post more on the style and flow I have planned for VoC.

        I've also been thinking up new names for the 6 Scions so they're not direct copies of FF creatures. This is what I've come up with.

        Zodiark-Well, I'm actually keeping that name because I find it to be badass.
        Bahamut-Changed to Abraxos, Warden of Souls.
        Odin-Changed to Theon, Governor of Life.
        Rahmuh-Changed to Typhress, The Windcrafter.
        Ifrit-Changed to Roidac, Bringer of Infernos.
        Shiva-Changed to Marina, Purifier of Waters.

        What do you guys/gals think of the change? If you have any suggestions that you think would work better I'd love to hear them. Trying to come up with names can be a ral pain sometimes.

        Hopefully I'll be able to update again soon. Depends on how things go. I have no intentions of rushing it at all. I'm taking it slow this time around and not creating on the fly like my previous games.


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          Re: Veil of Corruption


          Over the last few days I have done a lot more planning as far as plot goes. I would say I have nearly 45% of the entire plot planned out and on a word document. I'm really happy and excited about some of the ideas I want to implement in VoC. I also believe summer is not the RPG making season for me. I didn't even touch a maker most of the summer, but now that it's cold out I've really got the itch again.

          I did start programing a bit. I made the first dungeon area and a brief cutscene to go along with it. I don't want to start creating too much until I have completely planned stuff out because things probably will be changed.

          I really think I'm a the top of my game as far as creating goes. It feels like everything I've made up to this point was just practice for this. This is especially true for dialogue. In some of my past games characters text seemed "scripted" but I'm really working on the natural flow of it this time around. That and the individual personalities of each character. I'm really trying to make them distinguishable.

          I also added a main character to the first post.


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            Re: Veil of Corruption


            I know what you mean about Summer. Fall and Winter are the best times to work on games. In Summer it feels more like work, and it's harder to stay focused, I've found.

            I'm glad you're feeling the creative fire, and if Holy Chaos was just a prelude to this, it would have to be epic!


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              Re: Veil of Corruption

              Thanks Obi. Hopefully it will be epic.


              VoC's plot is about 75% planned out. Sadly I haven't really been able to work/think about it too much. Work just picked up and there are a few games coming out that will steal a fair amount of my free time. I just picked up Demon's Souls yesterday so most of my attention is on that right now. But with any new game I play it's just another chance to be inspired. Progress is being made just at a slow pace.


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                Re: Veil of Corruption

                Originally posted by Lausen View Post
                Work just picked up
                Pfft. Work is where I get my best brainstorms. :P
                "What if like...there was an exact copy of you somewhere, except they're the opposite gender, like you guys could literally have a freaky friday moment and nothing would change. Imagine the best friendship that could be found there."


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                  Re: Veil of Corruption

                  Originally posted by Draygone View Post
                  Pfft. Work is where I get my best brainstorms. :P
                  What do you do for work? I do physical labor where I'm constintally doing something. The only down time I have at work is the ride to and from job sites. My best brainstorms are in the shower.


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                    Re: Veil of Corruption

                    I make donuts. Which actually, is rather repetitive, so it's all too easy for me to zone out.
                    "What if like...there was an exact copy of you somewhere, except they're the opposite gender, like you guys could literally have a freaky friday moment and nothing would change. Imagine the best friendship that could be found there."


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                      Re: Veil of Corruption


                      I've made a small bit of progress. The plot is about 85% planned out. Basically it's down to the small details now. I'm really happy with what I've got so far. There is room for improvment and I know things will change here and there when I have RPG Maker on and am actually creating it.

                      I worked a bit more on actually programming the game. My goal is to have the opening event complete by the end of the weekend. That should be easy if Demon's Souls doesn't take too much of my time like it's been.

                      I have a problem I need some opinions on. There are several characters that are in the party and they are traveling together the whole time, weather they are among the 4 characters being used or not. When cutscenes happen that means I can't have the party members walk out of the lines that they follow the leader in. There would be some missing. What I'm thinking I'll have to do is have the screen go black and have all of the characters be placed where I want them before it fades back in.

                      That's okay. A lot of real games do that through loading screens. The thing I'm torn about is before I get more then 4 party members. Do I fade in and out before the scenes anyway for consistancy? It's easy to have them move in and out of the lines when it's 4 or less, but it might be weird if it all of a sudden starts having the fades midway through the game. I'm leaning towards just doing it throught the whole game. I tested it with what I have so far and it doesn't really hinder anything. At least I don't mind the brief black screen before the cutscenes. What do you think?

                      Updates first post to show the main characters weapons.

                      Look for more news on Veil of Corruption soon.


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                        Re: Veil of Corruption

                        Well I've kind of been neglecting RPG Maker the last few weeks, but I have a small update. I did finish up the opening part of the game and it turned out really good. It took a LOT longer to make then expected because of some complicated coding. Basically it's an interactive "boss" fight where you select the targets. Once two of them are killed you can then target an exploding barrel that triggers a scene.

                        I have about 15 total hours of programming work in so far, but luckly it only says like 2. I'm glad it really only counts system time or I'd feel like I've gotten nowhere.

                        Hopefully I'll be able to get some more work on the game done soon. As most gamers know there has been a lot of new games coming out and they have been stealing my time. That and work has been busy. But the last few days have slowed down a lot so I should be hitting Veil of Corruption hard in the coming weeks.


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                          Re: Veil of Corruption

                          Just looked into this now, and it sounds as if you've got a handle on everything that you want to do with this. Sounds good!

                          My only small suggestion is to think of a slightly different name for the Scion of the Wind. Typhress sounds WAY too much like a female name. Anything with an "-ess" at the end generally indicates femininity. Unless you plan on screwing around in the story or background with gender roles, I'd change the second part of his name (the Typh- part obviously sounds good for a character associated with the wind).


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                            Re: Veil of Corruption

                            Originally posted by Perversion View Post
                            Just looked into this now, and it sounds as if you've got a handle on everything that you want to do with this. Sounds good!

                            My only small suggestion is to think of a slightly different name for the Scion of the Wind. Typhress sounds WAY too much like a female name. Anything with an "-ess" at the end generally indicates femininity. Unless you plan on screwing around in the story or background with gender roles, I'd change the second part of his name (the Typh- part obviously sounds good for a character associated with the wind).
                            Thanks Perv. I'll have to keep that in mind.

                            I have another small update. Yesterday I put in another 2+ hours into the game. Most of which was on pre existing stuff, but hey anything inches me closer to the final product so I'm happy with it. It was mainly dialogue tweeks and a couple playthroughs of what I have to make sure the branching wouldn't mess with each other. Everything is running smooth now and I'm ready to move to the next thing.
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                              Re: Veil of Corruption

                              It's always nice to have one segment of the game ready for play so that you can move on, especially when it comes to variables and branches of script.

                              I'm glad that you're still working on your game Lausen!
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