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  • Chaos Creations Update

    Itís been a while since I posted anything, but Iíve remained quit active. Just not with any of my main projects. For now Holy-Chaos: Mirage of Destiny is kind of on hold. Most of my attention is going to be on the Pavs two contests.

    Contest 1: ďHorrors of fanfictionĒ
    Contest 2: ďUltimate Librarian ChallengeĒ

    Iíve started both already. In fact Iím almost ready to submit another review and description. I think I might make a progress thread for my Fanfiction game. Itís going to be on RPGM1 and this is what Iíll be doing it on.

    As far as Holy-Chaos: Prophecies Unleashed goes, itís not exactly on the top of my list, but I will make the end of the year release date.

    I may lose my internet access soon, but should still be able to get stuff submitted. I have all the .psv RPGM1 games on a flash drive so even if I lose internet Iíll have plenty of games to keep me busy. Donít be surprised if my activity on the forums drops soon.

    Just wanted to tell everyone where Iím at and what I have and will be doing.