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    Evil Fantasy is uploaded and ready to be played.

    It's for RPGM 3 and winner of the Pavilion Shameless Rip-of Contest.

    Name of Game - Evil Fantasy
    Name of Creator - Lausen
    System - RPG Maker 3
    Data Slot # - 3
    Genre - Survival/Horror
    Rating - Teen
    Type - Full Game
    Inspired by - Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 7

    In the years after the meteor fall Shinra once again rose to power, but it didnít take long for the gruesome experiments to start again. November 3rd, 2018- The day that will go down in history as the start of the end. The day a virus broke out in the near by mountain community, Kalm. It hit the peaceful little town with a devastating blow crippling its very foundation. The T-Virus has ravaged the planet for the past 4 years. The few remaining survivors hide behind closed doors fearing the nightmare that is the T-Virus. Now Bryce Galion, former 1st class SOLDIER must find a way to cleanse the planet from an evil that threatens all humanity.

    *Game Features*

    - In game tutorial.
    - NO random battles. All enemies can be seen and avoided.
    - Custom battle system. Find and conserve ammo to survive the hoards of zombies.
    - Find powerful Materia to help you complete your mission.
    - Enemies have many drop items including the valued Gil.
    - Use Gil to buy new guns, items, and upgrades from a traveling merchant.
    - Many unique and innovative puzzles that push the limits of RPG Maker 3.
    - See the world of Final Fantasy 7 in a whole new way.
    - Explore 4 world maps with an eerie atmosphere befitting a zombie invasion.
    - Strong character interactions, and cut scenes.
    - Your actions at certain points of the game can affect the progress of the story.
    - The return of old characters that can be recognized from both Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 7.
    - Twists at every corner.
    - 4-6 hours of game play.
    - New Game+
    - Hidden bosses and puzzles that unlock ultimate items that can be bought during the New Game+

    Any feedback would be awesome. Also if you find yourself stuck at any point you can ask for help in this thread or by PMing me.

    I hope you enjoy.
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    Re: Evil Fantasy

    Oooo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoooo....That's gonna be interesting!!!
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      Re: Evil Fantasy

      Whats the custom battle system?


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        Re: Evil Fantasy

        Originally posted by StickFigureLover69 View Post
        Whats the custom battle system?
        Well I don't really want to give it away, but if you really want to know I can PM you.


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          Re: Evil Fantasy

          May you, I would love to learn. I barely have a grasp on the normal battle system though.


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            Re: Evil Fantasy

            I have put in a solid 10 hours the last couple days.. I finished up that puzzle and added a few items. The majority of the time was spent on my second map. It turned out better then I expected. I also added two rather large story scenes. Including a Boss Battle, and a storyteller.

            My main goal with this game is innovation. I want to do stuff that hasn't been done before, whether that's puzzles, events or whatever. I guess mainly visual stuff. I think I've done a pretty good job of adding new refreshing stuff so far. I have many, many ideas writen down waiting to be tested out.

            Hopefully I do both Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 7 justice.


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              Re: Evil Fantasy


              I am nearly finished with a new town. It's pretty much done except for adding the Infected and all the hidden items that come with Resident Evil games. The town holds 3 different puzzles that correspond to each other. The main one uses the storyteller.

              I watched ever cutscene in Crisis Core on youtube. That really helped with thinking up the main story. The dialogue has been pretty easy so far because I know most of the characters personalities already. That makes things easier. I'd say the hardest part is making the mood scary like Resident evil is. RPGM 3's lack of music makes it hard, but I'd say it's coming along.

              The game is pretty linear like RE 4, but because of that things happen back to back. There really isn't much downtime in the game. At least for how far I am. Another challange I'm having is making the world feel like Final Fantasy 7. Because it takes place in that world and it being linear I've had to adapt. Though, it's no where near exact I think you'll be able to reconize some of the areas.

              Right now I'm at 17% flat. Also it's kind of hard having a progress log that I need to watch what I put in. I don't want to spoil too much.


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                Re: Evil Fantasy

                Good luck, Lausen, and I know what you mean about a progress log re: not putting in too much info and spoiling it. I'm doing the exact same thing in my forum. Funny....I've spent probably almost 11-12 hours on my game so far, and I'm only at about 2.5%.

                Granted, most of what I've done so far is dialogue. And as for the "trying to innovate" thing, and the "trying to do things that have never been done before" thing, if you've kept up with my forum at all or my posts in the RPGM forums, you'll know that that's also exactly my schtick...and you might find out more about this after the contest is over.


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                  Re: Evil Fantasy

                  Yeah, I've read most of your posts. I think I may be taking a slightly different path tough. I know you like to push the "coding" of RPGM3 to the limit. I've seen it first hand with Series 1. I'm trying to push the visual or presentation of 3. If you've played my Field of Dreams map and got to the end you know what I'm taking about.

                  Good luck with your game too. I hope we see a lot of new things with this contest.
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                    Re: Evil Fantasy


                    Well I have got some decent work done over the last two days.

                    2 new characters
                    2 new classes
                    5 new items
                    1 new monster
                    5 small storytellers
                    A new town

                    I made the biggest story event yet. It gives more insight on the main plot. It takes 2 full modes. Most of which is dialogue and a boss battle.

                    I added a crap load of decrotives, chests and small events. I also got rid of the default level up system. It is something more that fits in with RE and gives more modivation for fighting. Also everything is balanced up to this point. I'm at 21.2%


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                      Re: Evil Fantasy

                      Well, Lausen, this is quite the unique-sounding game you have going here. I hope you keep pressing on with it. Good luck bro. You've pulled off some really cool things so far, and I'm sure this will be no exception.
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                        Re: Evil Fantasy


                        Well, it’s been about a week since the last update. I have got a lot done in that time. I made 2 new towns. 1 of which is completely done. The other is more then half way completed. This includes a crap load of decoratives. I also made a new dungeon. It’s not very big, but it holds a pretty cool puzzle. I have made 6 new puzzles in total. That has taken most of my time, and a good chunk of memory. 3 new monsters have been added. Between the 2 towns and dungeon I added around 20 small interactive events and 10 treasure chests. With the interactive events I have been trying to flesh out the characters and their personalities. I’d say it’s going okay so far. Every thing is balanced up to where I am.

                        Having a deadline has made me work on this a lot more then Holy-Chaos. I haven’t been rushing either. I’ve just been trying to make sure everything is of quality work. Because of the genre I’m ripping off, I’m going to keep things on the shorter side. I hope to finish up this town in the next couple days.

                        I’m at 31.2%

                        Thanks Pag. I'm pretty sure I have some things never before done in here, but then again I could be wrong. I hope I don't disapoint. I'm just going to have fun with it.
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                          Re: Evil Fantasy

                          31.... I've been working on my game since January and I'm only at 13.

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                            Re: Evil Fantasy


                            Well I’ve got a lot of stuff done. Not all of it is necessarily new, but time consuming. I made a few new monsters and changed around almost all of the battles. I made a new map, as well as revised an old one. The new one took well over ten hours to make. I’d say that’s what most of my game time went to this week. I’d say it’s probable the best map I have made. The changes to the older map really went well too.

                            I made a new dungeon and a town to go on the map. I made multiple puzzles.

                            Another big part I added was the custom money and upgrade system. I made it so the money or “Gil” is tracked through both a variable and the intelligence stat. Because the player has control of how the character develops I had to do several playthroughs. The hardest part was making sure there are enough items to stay alive, but not so many that survival becomes too easy. It is a survival/horror after all. I made it so you have to conserve. All of the different ways I developed the main character I was able to survive. Some ways are harder then others. I’d say the game itself is a little over halfway done.

                            I am having a problem though. I have a part that is timed. The thing is, I don’t know if I have provided enough time. I can make it through with plenty of time to spare, but I am the creator after all.

                            I’m at 47.7%


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                              Re: Evil Fantasy

                              I have done a lot of stuff since the last update. I made a new map/town/dungeon. It's different then what I've ever done, but they combine to make a nice place. It's hard to explain, so you can wait to see it when the game is done. I'm working on another map right now. I'm on the last leg of the game. Hopefully I can finish in a few weeks so I can consitraite on getting HC released.